Over the last few years, Dwayne Johnson has transformed himself into one of Hollywood’s biggest personalities. He is attached to several franchises, and one day he will eventually make his long awaited debut in a superhero movie as the villainous Black Adam in Shazam!. The project has not had much momentum recently, but that hasn’t stopped Johnson from keeping talk about the film alive with a few well-timed appearances on social media.

A recent photo of Johnson sitting with Henry Cavill kicked off speculation that a big-screen encounter between Black Adam and the Man of Steel may be in the works. There hasn’t been any word from Warner Bros., but that hasn’t stopped the speculation machine from running wild and wondering whether the two characters might be best suited to engage in some fisticuffs in Man of Steel 2 or if Superman is scheduled for a cameo appearance in Shazam!. At any rate, fans have already wondered what such an encounter would look like, and now some new fan art gives them exactly that.

Artist BossLogic is well known for creating superhero-related pieces and he used the recent speculation as inspiration for his latest creation. The art shows Black Adam sitting on a throne with one hand resting on a beaten Superman and one foot pinning down the fallen hero, Shazam. Johnson later responded to art, saying the meeting was just for the holidays, but the previous teases indicate there could be something else at play.

If there is something to the speculation and Black Adam and Superman are set to meet on the big screen, it is most likely for a cameo. Technically, Shazam! isn’t Johnson’s film, but the studio will be hard-pressed to find a bigger star to play the titular hero, and Johnson will undoubtedly be a major component to the film’s marketing — assuming the film does ever happen.

Should Shazam! not materialize anytime soon, Warner Bros. might consider the possibility of using the Black Adam character as the antagonist in Man of Steel 2. That would certainly alter the film’s profile quite a bit, as Cavill wouldn’t have to carry the film alone, and Johnson’s appearance would simultaneously expand the DCEU in an interesting way — possibly opening up the door for Shazam!.  And besides, a Superman vs. Black Adam brawl would certainly be one to remember.

As for now this remains pure speculation, but stay tuned to Screen Rant for further developments.

Sources: BossLogic, Dwayne Johnson

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