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Black Adams Starts World War III

We've already seen what Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would look like as Black Adam, but we can now imagine what the fight between him and Armie Hammer as Shazam would look like. Not long after Warner Bros. announced plans to launch the DC Extended Universe with Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the studio revealed their initial lineup of superhero films, of which one of them was Shazam!, based on the comic book character of the same name (formerly named Captain Marvel).

It has been years since that announcement came, and while we have yet to find out who will be playing Shazam, aka Billy Batson, we know who will be playing the superhero's arch-nemesis, Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson. He has been attached to the role for years too, and it looks like we might see him make his debut as the all-powerful character sooner rather than later. But when time comes for him to fight Shazam, Johnson recently said he wants to see Armie Hammer in the red-and-gold suit opposite him.

Now we have a better idea of what that highly-anticipated clash would look like. Visual effects and graphic artist Salman Almohammadi illustrated fan art showing Johnson as Black Adam, taking on Hammer as Shazam. The image was posted onto the artist's Instagram page, Salman Artworks. Take a look:

Black Adam fights Shazam, @therock request is sure to be seen. #BlackAdam #Shazam

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In the years since Johnson joined the DC Extended Universe as Black Adam, he has taken on a more central role in the studio's world-building. His publicly-acknowledged meetings with Superman actor Henry Cavill and DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, who has recently taken over shepherding the DCEU, seems to have been beneficial for the actor. Instead of just being the villain in the Shazam! movie, Johnson will now be headlining his own Black Adam movie, before later clashing with the superhero Shazam in possibly his movie or one combined film. The question is, who will be playing Billy Batson?

The logical choice is The Lone Ranger actor Armie Hammer. He has been rumored to be playing Hal Jordan, aka Green Lantern, for quite some time now, but he has yet to officially join the shared universe. He has even been rumored to be playing one of the villains in Matt Reeves' The Batman movie. It's unclear if will take on one of those roles, but Hammer has surely had his fun trolling the fans. What's interesting, though, is that Johnson specifically named Hammer as the person he would like to see in the role of Batson. Whether that happens or not is yet to be determined.

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Source: Salman Artworks

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