The Rock Explains Why Black Adam is a Hero


Unlike the relatively laid-out MCU, there are a lot of question marks regarding the future of the DCEU. We know Wonder Woman and Justice League are coming later this year, and Aquaman will follow in 2018. Beyond that, there are still plans for Suicide Squad 2Gotham City SirensCyborgJustice League 2, and Green Lantern Corps, but none of them have made much movement. Then there's The Flash and The Batman. Both seemed like sure things at one point, but have suffered a number of setbacks. And no one seems sure whether a Man of Steel sequel will ever emerge.

The biggest mystery, however, has surrounded Shazam and Black AdamShazam was originally the biggest outlier in DC's movie plans, and only seemed to exist due to the involvement of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Black Adam. Last month, we were teased that a big Shazam announcement was coming, but all we've learned is that Earth to Echo writer Henry Gayden is involved. The big news, instead, surround Shazam's rival as it was announced Black Adam will be getting his own solo movie. Given The Rock's star power, this isn't too surprsing, as he always threatened to upstage whoever was cast as Shazam. Still, it leads to more questions about when the movie will actually materialize.

Another big question about Black Adam is whether he's a hero or a villain. In the comics, he's mostly been a rogue, which led to a fan asking about his status in the upcoming movie during one of The Rock's video Q&A's. You can watch his answer above at the 1:30 mark, or read it below.

"It's really our interpretation, and who we deem a hero. Yes, of course, in the mythology Black Adam is a villain. Or he can be considered an antihero. Or to some, he's a hero. To some who have a black heart like me [laughs]. Again, I love the backstory that he started off as a slave and he was held down. And I think when that kinda backstory about a man who's held down and he rises up out of that to become greater and then dealing with the conflict of pain of losing his family, it's dark, but it, uh, also adds to the gravity and adds to the weight of the story. So what does it mean for the movie? It means the movie's gonna be fantastic and it means that it's gonna be badass. And it means to me, uh, he's a hero."


The statement falls in line with what the actor has previously said, as he's always teased Black Adam as being a hero more than a villain. And while he's never quite been heroic in the comics, the character's backstory has been fleshed out over the years to be more tragic. He's even recently become more of an antihero, similar to Deadpool or The Punisher. Honestly, Black Adam would make for a far more compelling story than a straight-up Shazam movie, which throws the latter's status even deeper into limbo.

After the success of Suicide Squad, it's clear that DC is more than happy to focus on villains as part of their future. It could be this move that ends up allowing them to forge their own identity and distance themselves from the Marvel model. Then again, splitting Shazam and Black Adam into two separate movies could further lead to the DCEU's downfall as they struggle to manage so many projects in various states of development. Hopefully, it'll all work out, as fans are eager to see The Rock as Black Adam.


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Source: The Rock

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