DVD/Blu-ray Breakdown: June 8, 2010

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Last week's DVD/Blu-ray release line-up was a brilliant one for home video crowds with a flurry of big releases. This week has a few worth the trip itself, but the number has dropped dramatically.

Thankfully, those popular titles from theaters at the beginning of this year are finally popping up in stores. We've got a Leonardo DiCaprio mind-bender, a John Travolta shoot 'em up, a classic comedy and a piece of magic.

All of the following releases can be found on DVD and Blu-ray.


Shutter Island box art

Shutter Island - While our own Kofi Outlaw reviewed the film and gave it a 3.5 out of 5, I personally loved it. Martin Scorsese's mind-bending experience was just as predictable as it was confusing and the mixed reactions from viewers has been interesting to follow. One thing is for sure, Shutter Island is an entertaining must-own for this week in home video releases.

While the home video versions of Shutter Island offer superior audio and video quality, the supplements are a disappointment. Yet, it still possesses what many have come to love - behind the scenes featurettes. There is a 17-minute piece on the making of the film and a 21-minute look at the psychological development of Shutter Island. That is it, but the movie itself should keep the owners of it occupied enough.

From Paris With Love

From Paris With Love - Our review of the film says everything necessary about the John Travolta vehicle:

"If shoot outs, explosions, mayhem and clichés are your idea of a good movie, then From Paris with Love is for you; if not, you might want to wait for the rental."

I never got around to seeing the film after reviews like our own Paul Young's. Now that it is ready for rental, it seems time to check it out.

The video comes in with okay reviews, but the audio was rated near-perfect on a number of occasions. The special features are pretty enticing, especially in comparison to the other new release. There is an audio commentary, which includes a Picture-in-Picture video of the director Pierre Morel. In addition, there are making-of documentaries, character studies and also some trivia to enjoy.


Caddyshack Blu-ray box art

Caddyshack - Widely considered one of the best comedies of all time, Caddyshack is a must-own for anybody with a Blu-ray player. For a 1980 comedy, the jokes still hold up and so does the video quality in this transfer.

Included is an 80-minute documentary from The Biography Channel entitled Caddyshack: The Inside Story that provides plenty of deep looks at the hilarious sports comedy. A shorter, 30-minute version called The 19th Hole adds some deleted scenes to the mix of a similar behind-the-scenes look. That's it for special features, but should be plenty for lovers of the film.

The Illusionist Blu-ray box art

The Illusionist - It goes without saying this is the forgotten step-child of the magician movies of 2006. While I enjoyed The Illusionist in many ways, it was simply fell short to the brilliance of The Prestige. Some of you may disagree, but The Illusionist is still a fantastic film. Now that both are on Blu-ray, you can watch them back-to-back and decide for yourself.

The supplements are few, but intriguing. Two behind-the-scenes featurettes focus on the making of the film and, oddly enough, Jessica Biel's on-set experiences. An audio commentary from writer/director Neil Burger may prove the most interesting aspect of this Blu-ray release.


Animation Express box art

Animation Express - Canada has sprouted some great animation over the years and this compilation organized by the Film Board of Canada showcases some of the country's most prized works. There are nearly four hours of animated shorts, varying from cute and cuddly to dark and scary. Each brings a different element and touches on various themes and genres, while sticking solely to animation.

Just taking a peek at the stills from the Blu-ray and the works involved, this looks like an amazing and breathtaking array of works. This is absolutely my pick for blind buy of the week.

While there isn't a plethora of options, most of the choices are solid this week. So, if you finally over your Lost depression and ready for some more entertainment, it is time to hit the stores and get some titles.

In future news, Kick-Ass will hit shelves on DVD and Blu-ray August 3rd, 2010.


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