DVD/Blu-ray Breakdown: December 20, 2011

A Farewell to Arms Blu-ray Cover

Synopsis: Based on Ernest Hemingway's novel, the film follows Lt. Frederick Henry (Gary Cooper), a World War I officer who falls in love with English Red Cross nurse Catherine Barkley (Helen Hayes) - after first mistaking her for a woman of ill repute. Henry's friend, Major Rinaldi, is envious of the romance, and pulls strings to have Catherine transferred to Milan. When Henry is wounded in battle, he ends up in the very hospital where Catherine works. They resume the affair, which reaches an ecstatic peak just before Henry is returned to the front. The now-pregnant Catherine remains in Switzerland, sending letters by the bushelfull to Henry. But the jealous Rinaldi sees to it that Henry never receives those letters, leading Catherine to conclude sorrowfully that Henry has forgotten her. As the Armistice approaches, Henry makes his way to Switzerland, hoping to find Catherine.

Special Features:

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Rotten Tomatoes Score - 88% Fresh

IMDB Score - 6.6/10


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