DVD/Blu-ray Breakdown: June 29th, 2010


This week's DVD and Blu-ray releases offer up quite a bit of new releases for your end-of-the-month paycheck. But there is bigger news on the future of Blu-ray that should get all of you very excited.

The Back to the Future trilogy is one that many want to see on Blu-ray. On July 3rd, the original film will turn 25 years old. In celebration of that anniversary, Universal Studios Home Video has announced the Back to the Future trilogy will release on Blu-ray on October 26th, 2010.

There is an entire page of details on the Back to the Future release. The one that stands out is a new six-part retrospective documentary with cast, crew and even Steven Spielberg.

Onto this week's releases:



Percy Jackson & The Olympians box art

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief - The family action film tried to start a franchise, but couldn't recover its production budget at the domestic box office. Worldwide, it did double the budget, but Fox missed the mark on a potential franchise.

Still, it is an enjoyable film and tackles roughly similar elements as the upcoming The Last Airbender. We reviewed the film and gave it a 3.5 out of 5 for its family appeal.

The Blu-ray release will feature a DVD and Digital Copy, which makes for a great deal if the whole family wants a copy.

Hot Tub Time Machine box art

Hot Tub Time Machine - The ensemble comedy mixing time travel and a hot tub didn't exactly soak in the box office cash, but did nearly double its production budget. Our own Paul Young got an exclusive press junket experience from MGM to see the film with the cast and crew and came out with a 3.5 out of 5 star review.

The best part of this release is the quote on the cover: "'Funnier than The Hangover!' -New York Post." That is a truly laughable comment and I would love to know just how many people buy or rent this title on that argument alone. Then again, most will be distracted by the "UNRATED" stamp just to the right.

The Crazies box art

The Crazies - The trailers really didn't do the Crazies justice. What looked like another corny horror flick turned out to be "scary, funny and more grown up than a lot of recent horror movies." At least, that's what Vic said in his review.

George Romero's original 1973 film of the same name can be found on Blu-ray to sit alongside the new release on your shelf.

The Crazies Blu-ray features a Digital Copy as well as some reasonable special features.


Predator Ultimate Hunter Edition blu-ray box art

Predator - The Ultimate Hunter Edition Blu-ray release of the 1987 action film expands on the already-released Blu-ray. FYI, right now you actually have a chance to win a copy of the new edition in our contest giveaway.

The new digital restoration of the film should please cinephiles who want the best out of their home video. It goes without saying that a clearer image of Arnold Schwarzenegger's biceps is always an upgrade.

This release coincides with the upcoming reboot of the franchise by director Nimrod Antal and producer Robert Rodriguez. Predators puts a new group of killers on a world far more dangerous than Earth.


Uncle Sam box art

Uncle Sam - I'm just going to present Blu-ray's synopsis of the film and you'll know why it is the Intriguing Pick of the Week:

"It's Fourth Of July Weekend, and the recently discovered corpse of Sgt. Sam Harper - killed by 'friendly fire' during the first Gulf War - is returned to his all-American hometown. But when Sam rises from the dead to punish the unpatriotic, only his young nephew and a bitter Korean War veteran can stop his red-blooded rampage. Draft dodgers, tax cheats, crooked politicians and flag-burners beware: Uncle Sam wants you... DEAD!"

Next week's home video schedule brings a slew of award-winning new releases and Ladybugs. Let's just say after A Single Man and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the selections are light on talent.

Will you be purchasing any of this week's home video releases? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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