DVD/Blu-Ray Breakdown: March 23rd, 2010

A new weekly feature here at Screen Rant will be your go-to guide for movie releases on home video. We'll let you know which new films are coming out each week and which movies are getting the coveted Blu-ray re-release, along with a special deal of the week and intriguing picks you may not know about.

This week is an especially great time to begin, considering the caliber of films gracing shelves today. So, without further ado, let's get going.



The Blind Side- Sandra Bullock's Oscar-winning performance in this inspiring true story turned the rom-com queen into a respectable and prestigious actress. The special features are limited to only an hour of materials, but "Sideline Conversations" is a half-hour segment featuring discussions between the director, the writer and Bullock with her real-life counterpart.

Fantastic Mr. Fox- Wes Anderson's dip into the animated world was a successful one as he walked away with an Oscar-nomination and an overall brilliant film. Check out our Mr. Fox review. On a personal note, this is my new favorite animated feature, knocking off The Nightmare Before Christmas. Special features are rumored to be limited, but as long as viewers get a chance to see how they recorded on-location sound, instead of in-studio, they should be pleased. George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Bill Murray provide voices.

Brothers- Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhall star alongside Natalie Portman in this intense and realistic tale of a family torn apart by war. However, the real star of the film is young actress Bailee Madison, who stole the show with an unbelievable range of emotion that captivated audiences. The film was underrated and didn't get much press, but it is one of the more emotional movies of 2009.

The Men Who Stare at Goats- George Clooney's "other" release is his live-action film based on the true story of American operatives testing out a radical new theory on mind manipulation and interrogation. We've even got a contest connected to the film where you can win an LCD television.

Mad Men Season 3 DVD

Mad Men (Season 3)- One of the most popular shows on television brings its third season to shelves for you to add to your compilation. 61 minutes of Don Draper and Co. belongs in any collection.


Toy Story 1 & 2- As Pixar prepares for the release of Toy Story 3, the studio is gracing fans with a much-desired release of the first two films. gave both releases a 4.5 out of 5, praising the video and audio transfers, with exceptional special features.

Days of Heaven- The Criterion Collection is known as possibly the best in the business at releasing Blu-ray versions of classic films and the trend continues with a near-perfect 4.5/5 review of Terrence Malick's earlier work. With regards to picture quality, this is a perfect example of the type of film that deserves to be on Blu-Ray.


The Twilight Zone- /Film reported this awesome announcement for any Twilight Zone buff: the entire series in one box set for $112. At nearly 72 cents per episode, I'd say that's a deal worth paying for - if you've got room for all 28 discs. This deal only lasts until midnight tonight, so get cracking or you'll miss out and have to buy the set at its regular $300 price.


Hitler Meets Christ- Apparently it is about two men who meet in a train station, one believing he is Christ and the other Hitler. No I'm not making that up.

We'll see you next week for more DVD/Blu-ray releases!

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