First Look: Dustin Hoffman's HBO Series 'Luck'

HBO looks to continue its run as the television industry standout by introducing a first look at its compelling new drama Luck starring Dustin Hoffman.

Luck concerns the lifestyle that surrounds horse racing. While that may sound like a been-there-done-that kind of exercise, the series isn’t exclusively devoted to a single aspect like gambling. No, on Luck the creators plan to take a look at the world in its entirety – trainers, jockeys, owners and yes, the gamblers, too.

Heading up the cast is Dustin Hoffman, who looks to have chosen great material for his initial series role on a television show. Hoffman will play against type and take the mantle of influential crime boss, Ace Bernstein. Joining Hoffman will be Nick Nolte as a down-and-out Kentucky horse trainer looking for his second chance.

Boasting an impressive supporting cast, the likes of which would make a Hollywood blockbuster envious, Luck is running no shortage of acting talent. Other actors include Michael Gambon (Harry Potter), Joan Allen (Face/Off), Denis Farina (Out of Sight), Richard Kind (Toy Story 3) and Jason Gedrick (Iron Eagle).

If the actors aren’t enough to grab you, then perhaps the inclusion of two of the finest minds in he entertainment industry will. The pilot for Luck was written by television great David Milch (NYPD Blue, Deadwood) and directed by Academy Award-nominated director Michael Mann (Public Enemies, The Insider). In addition to working on the pilot, both will serve as executive producers for the series, and hopefully we’ll get a few more episodes out of Milch as well.

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Milch has enjoyed a mostly fruitful relationship with HBO – even though they abruptly ended Deadwood before the writer had a chance to reconcile his storylines. However, the network did provide him the opportunity to go completely off-the-map with the short-lived surfer series John From Cincinnati. It will be good to see Mann and Milch working together in the elements best suited to both of their considerable talents.

Check out what Mann and Milch have planned for Luck below:


Though we actually see precious little of Hoffman during the promo, what little there is makes him look better than he has in years (same goes for Nolte). There just haven’t been enough great roles for these two actors, who seem committed to continuing their craft – instead of resigning themselves to roles that draw upon their past onscreen triumphs. In fact, if Luck is half as good as it looks, perhaps the world at large will completely forget about Little Fockers.

We have come to expect great things from HBO, and Luck certainly looks to be nothing short of spectacular. The network has been on a run of larger-than-life spectacles as of late, so getting dirty with a street-level drama like this should help to keep the lineup balanced and fresh.

HBO has yet to announce when Luck might premiere, though we suspect it will be before the end of the year. Stay tuned.

Source: TV Line

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