New Dunkirk Poster Gets Close to the Action

Fionn Whitehead is front and center in the latest poster for writer and director Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk. In an era of the entertainment industry right now, when brand names, sequels, and franchises are what dominate the market and box office every year, there are few filmmakers working today who are able to drum up large amounts of attention for their own original films. But Nolan is one of those few names, thanks in most part, to his critically acclaimed work on The Dark Knight trilogy and other blockbuster films like Inception and Interstellar. And with Dunkirk, it looks like Nolan is taking his technical prowess behind the camera to entirely new heights.

Based on a true story, Dunkirk brings to life the awe-inspiring military operation known as Operation Dynamo, which saved over 300,000 Allied troops from the film's titular French city, just when the Nazi forces were closing in around them, after having already continuously picked off more and more of their numbers with each passing day. As the film's release date draws ever closer too, it's clear that Warner Bros. isn't planning on letting anyone forget that Christopher Nolan has a new film coming out this year.

In anticipation of its late July release date, Warner Bros. Pictures has officially released a brand new poster for Dunkirk online today. Minimalistic in a truly effective way, the poster gets as close as humanly possible to the action of the film. With Fionn Whitehead's Tommy - the young protagonist of Dunkirk - lying face down on the beach, covered in sand from yet another Nazi attack from the skies, it sells the intensity and stakes of the film's situation well. Check out the poster for yourself down below:

New Dunkirk Poster with Fionn Whitehead

Whitehead leads a number of unknown or up-and-coming actors set to appear in Dunkirk, including former One Direction member, Harry Styles. But Dunkirk also features Nolan reteaming with some of his favorite actors, like Tom Hardy as a British fighter pilot and Cillian Murphy as a traumatized soldier, along with reliable veterans like Kenneth Branagh as a military general and Mark Rylance as a civilian sailor who goes to Dunkirk in order to help as many men as he can.

The final trailer for Dunkirk was one of the more intense pieces of footage that's been released this year, from any film for that matter. That's not necessarily surprising considering the subject matter and when taking into consideration Nolan's previous work, but it's becoming increasingly clear that the director is striving for something even more visceral and visually stunning than anything he's done before. He's using more IMAX footage in Dunkirk than any other filmmaker ever has, in some truly inventive ways, in order to sell the true scope of the real-life operation. Based solely on the trailers and footage released from it so far, it seems fair to say that Nolan has already done a good job at doing that. So one can only imagine what it'll be like in the theater if he manages to maintain that kind of tension for two hours straight.

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Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Key Release Dates
  • Dunkirk (2017) release date: Jul 21, 2017
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