Fans of the critically acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan have had plenty of big-budget productions to feat their eyes over during the course of the past ten plus years. Known primarily for his work on The Dark Knight trilogy by certain fans of comic book fare, the British writer/director has also seen his fare share of hits in other adjacent genre sub-categories of film, including his like-minded sci-fi and fantasy epics Interstellar and Inception.

Those in the know are no doubt already well aware of Nolan’s upcoming motion picture Dunkirk, which will see the veteran director setting his sights on adapting a World War II drama for general audiences, with a specific narrative focus on the events surrounding the real life evacuation of the eponymous French city. Ahead of the film’s release next summer, Nolan fans have already been teased with exclusive photos from the set of his new movie, plus a teased reveal of the film’s opening scene. On that note, the latest set photos offer potential viewers their first look at one of the movie’s lead heroes.

Courtesy of an independent Twitter user, the latest leaked photos from the set of Dunkirk feature One Direction band member and first-time actor Harry Styles mugging for the camera in full army regalia out of the side of a World War II era train. Captured slugging a few beers back and having what appears to be a great time on the set of Nolan’s new movie, viewers can decide for themselves whether or not they think the boy band star is ready for his big screen debut.

Check out the set photos below:

Based on everything that has been revealed thus far about Dunkirk, Nolan might yet deliver one of the greatest war dramas in recent memory. With such contemporary classics like Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down in mind, Nolan is certainly positioning himself to deliver a whole new take on the military drama that is sure to turn heads upon theatrical release in July 2017.

Whether or not general audiences will be pleased with what Dunkirk will ultimately have to offer remains to be seen, but for now everything looks to be chugging along full steam ahead behind the scenes. Nolan has become one of the most well respected filmmakers in the industry over the course of the 2000s, and going into the 2010s he appears to be in good shape to maintain that position as one of the very best directors currently making movies.

Dunkirk will see theatrical release in the U.S. on July 21, 2017.

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