Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk will hit theaters this month– specifically, IMAX theaters. The film focuses on a moment in World War II that destroyed the lives of so many young men, and will feature many familiar faces. From Tom Hardy to Cillian Murphy to Harry Styles, the cast is made up of mostly young British men. Additionally, the fact that Christopher Nolan is the true creator of the movie means that it will mostly likely be an incredible and brilliantly written performance .

The movie has been a major process, and has been years in the making. The real Battle of Dunkirk occurred in the year 1940 and Operation Dynamo was the evacuation that occurred afterwords. Since then, there was one film about it that premiered in 1958. Nolan’s version of the film will be very different in comparison, though, because– let’s face it– Christopher Nolan is a very unique filmmaker.

Dunkirk will be a movie about survival, focusing on different perspectives. There’s so much more to it than meets the eye. Here are the 15 Things You Need To Know About Dunkirk.

15. It’s Written, Produced, and Directed Solely by Christopher Nolan

christopher nolan 15 Things You NEED To Know About Dunkirk

If you haven’t heard of Christopher Nolan before, then it’s probably because you live under a rock. Christopher Nolan is responsible for many fantastic, renowned films, such as The Dark Knight, Inception, and Memento. He’s a writer, director, and producer and works mostly with his brother Jonathan Nolan, who is known for Westworld and Person of Interest.

That being said, Christopher Nolan went solo on Dunkirk. It’s only the third film that he has written entirely by himself. Dunkirk is Nolan’s baby, as he has put his heart and soul into it. It will be his first film based off of historical events, since most of his movies are either original fictional works or based on other work.

Nolan wrote, produced, and directed Dunkirk all on his own, and we couldn’t be more excited.

14. It’s Based on a Real Event

Allied soldiers after Dunkirk evacuation 15 Things You NEED To Know About Dunkirk

Hollywood loves making movies based on the events of World War II. However, Dunkirk’s history has been relatively unknown on screen, with the exception of a few mentions and a not-so successful movie from 1958 that was also entitled Dunkirk. Otherwise, there haven’t been many films that even recognize the events of Dunkirk at all.

The Battle of Dunkirk was actually pretty complex and was affected by some major precursors that occurred before the evacuation began. Essentially what happened is that the Germans managed to surround the Allied soldiers. Dunkirk is in France and the Germans surrounded the Allied troops while they were there, essentially trapping them so they were completely stranded.

There are a lot of political issues that surround the Battle of Dunkirk and the Operation Dynamo evacuation. However, Christopher Nolan has chosen to go in a different route than other historically-based movies.

He wants audiences to feel like one of the allied soldiers. Rather than focusing the movie on the actual event within the war, instead, it’ll be a film about survival, with the characters being entirely fictional.