Social media reactions for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming World War II survival-thriller Dunkirk are in, and the verdict is it’s another epic piece of filmmaking from the fan-favorite auteur. After launching into the stratosphere with the overwhelming success of The Dark Knight, Nolan became one of the few directors working today who can sell any project with his name alone. Some of his movies have proven to be divisive (see: Interstellar), but all of his efforts in the last decade plus have earned widely positive reviews and done well at the box office. Nolan’s involvement with a new film is enough reason for many to look forward to it, which is why Dunkirk was on so many most anticipated lists at the beginning of the year.

The marketing campaign has sold audiences on an unrelenting and tense ride, depicting the real-life rescue mission to save 400,000 soldiers stranded on a beach. Always one with an ambitious eye, Nolan looked to tackle three different points of view (air, land, and water) in under two hours of screen time. Like most of his movies, Nolan was also painting on a large canvas, making great use of the IMAX format and practical effects to place viewers back in WWII. Based on the trailers, Dunkirk looked to be a must-see on the big screen for the spectacle alone, but moviegoers will be pleased to hear the quality of the film is up to Nolan’s high standards.

Responses to Dunkirk are starting to pop up on Twitter, with many critics praising Nolan’s vision, Hans Zimmer’s score, and the performances of the cast – even though the film sports minimal dialogue. You can check out the bite-sized reviews in the space below:

As one can see, there are very few qualms about Dunkirk at this point in time. The most noticeable flaw pointed out in these initial reactions is that none of the characters are distinctive, but that obviously did not spoil the film for many. It was almost to be expected that would be the case, as Dunkirk was never advertised as a traditional character-driven war picture. It’s more about the overall event from history, and Nolan seems to have done an excellent job retelling it through his lens. From the sound of things, Dunkirk represents his next step forward as a helmsman. Some mentioned it’s a different kind of movie to take on and operates almost as a silent film. The technical merits were hailed across the board, meaning Dunkirk should be a treat to see in IMAX or standard theaters.

Considering the full written reviews are as complimentary as these assorted tweets, Nolan could find himself among the nominees on Oscar night next year. Much to the chagrin of his many fans, Nolan has zero Academy Awards to his name and only three nods in his illustrious career. The Academy has long demonstrated a liking for an expertly-crafted World War II film, so if Dunkirk lives up to its potential, they may have little choice than to invite Nolan back – and perhaps award him with Best Director.

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Source: Twitter (see various)

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