Dungeons and Dragons Heads to Hell In New Baldur's Gate Adventure

Dungeons and Dragons Baldurs Gate Adventure

Dungeons and Dragons will return to one of the most famous fantasy settings in tabletop and video game history with a new Baldur's Gate adventure, one that will send aspiring journeyers deep into the pits of hell itself. Dungeons and Dragons is an immensely popular tabletop roleplaying game that has seen a resurgence in recent years thanks to a combination of pop culture embracing the tabletop scene as trendy and featuring in widely consumed media such as Stranger Things and The Big Bang Theory.

Dungeons and Dragons has also been a property ripe for crossover events, including one that saw the franchise visit another Wizards of the Coast favorite in Magic: The Gathering. That campaign's success paved the way for an even larger crossover event in the Stranger Things Dungeons and Dragons campaign that allows players to reprise the roles of the show's heroes as they navigate through an adventure involving the Upside Down. Although the newest Dungeons and Dragons adventure is one that will return to the familiar confines of Baldur's Gate, it nevertheless makes for an enticing new campaign, one that should attract the eyes of fans the world over.

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The new Baldur's Gate adventure is called Descent into Avernus, and will feature the city of Baldur's Gate as it slowly decays and falls victim to the sway of corrupt gods and general evil intent. Players will eventually earn a chance to descend into the first layer of the Nine Hells in pursuit of redemption, whether for themselves or for the city remains unclear. Chris Perkins, Principle Narrative Designer for Dungeons and Dragons, described the setting as a mix between hell and Mad Max: Fury Road, and the new adventure will guide players from level 1 to the appropriate cut-off of level 13.

Baldurs Gate Descent into Avernus

Players got their first taste of what to expect from the new campaign thanks to a star-studded lineup that kicked off D&D Live 2019, an immersive experience that is tagged to bring fans more than 50 hours of content. A special campaign led by Deborah Ann Woll of Punisher fame that also featured Matthew Lillard (Scooby Doo) and Janina Gavankar (Arrow) kicked off the celebration on stream and created even more anticipation for the descent into hell that will characterize the next massive Dungeons and Dragons adventure, which will be held within a 256-page book full of details to ensure players have as much fun as possible.

The new Dungeons and Dragons adventure feels like a big deal, more than they have in the past — the infusion of celebrities being part of the reveal festivities, and popular culture embracing roleplaying in a way it hasn't previously, have made these sorts of reveals much more electric. With Grand Theft Auto 5 roleplaying continuing to remain a popular Twitch pasttime, there's a chance even more players will be swelling the ranks of the Dungeons and Dragons faithful soon, and they'll have a new campaign in Descent into Avernus to try when it releases on September 17, 2019.

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Source: D&D Live 2019

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