Dungeons & Dragons is Getting a Magic: The Gathering Campaign Setting

Dungeons and Dragons Magic The Gathering Crossover Ravnica

Dungeons & Dragons will finally be getting its long-awaited crossover campaign with Magic: The Gathering, according to an announcement made by Wizards of the Coast. The two tabletop games are some of the most successful on the market, each with a massive following and roots in the high fantasy genre.

Dungeons & Dragons has been around for decades, but is experiencing something of a renaissance thanks to popular culture's recent infatuation with tabletop gaming. The brand, which is now on the fifth edition of its rules and guidelines, has become so popular that the public playtesting for the newest set of rules involved over 1750,000 fans. Magic: The Gathering is the most popular trading card game in the world today, boasting millions of active players and an entrenched professional play scene that generates tens of thousands of concurrent viewers during Twitch broadcasts.

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Wizards of the Coast will be releasing the crossover materials, called the Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica, on November 20th. The book will contain everything players need to generate a Dungeons & Dragons campaign on the plane of Ravnica, one of the most popular settings in Magic: The Gathering history. The timing and setting aren't coincidental - Magic: The Gathering itself will be returning to Ravnica in a new set that releases later this year, and now players of both games will be able to explore the plane concurrently.

Ravnica is a world full of politics and intrigue, featuring ten different guilds that vie for power and control of the plane. The guilds have been some of the most iconic story features in Magic: The Gathering, with each guild representing a specific color combination and an identity that fans can see themselves within. Rakdos, for example, is a guild that prioritizes chaos and bloodlust, while the Dimir guild is one full of secrets, spies, and mind-bending political plots. With so many organizations to choose from, the Ravnica setting seems perfect for the flexibility in storytelling and character development that Dungeons & Dragons players love.

The Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica will include classes, races, monsters, and setting information, so it's clear this isn't just a simple reskin of a Dungeons & Dragons game - there will be a lot of new content to explore for veterans of the game and Magic: The Gathering players interested in testing it out alike. With the sustained success of Magic: The Gathering and the resurgent popularity of Dungeons & Dragons, now seems like the perfect time to give fans of both games what they've been asking for for years. If the experiment is successful, there could be more Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons crossover potential created in the near future.

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