Dungeons & Dragons Classes Of The MCU's Avengers

Everyone knows that a good Dungeons & Dragons group is well-balanced. The strengths and weaknesses of a single member of the party are evened out by the strengths and weaknesses of the others'. As such, you can't have an entire party comprised of tanks. Well, actually, you could, but things would turn out terribly for you.

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If you examine the make-up of the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you will find that together they build a pretty solid D&D team. Each of their abilities and personalities can be translated into the different classes of a D&D game. Read on if you want to learn which MCU Avenger matches which D&D class.

10 Wizard: Doctor Strange

Okay, this one seems a bit obvious, given that Doctor Strange is actually a magic user of the highest quality. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he displays a mastery over the mystic arts in a way unseen since the first Sorcerer Supreme. Now, the reason Doctor Strange would be a Wizard in Dungeons & Dragons, instead of a Warlock or a Sorcerer, is because he studied to learn his magic.

In D&D, Sorcerers have a unique bloodline that allows them to use magic, and Warlocks forge a deal with a higher entity to learn their craft. Doctor Strange, like a true D&D wizard, used his intelligence and aptitude to learn his magic.

9 Barbarian: Hulk

Again, this class seems particularly suited to this Avenger. Barbarians are known to go into mindless rages. In fact, "Raging" is one of their special skills. And we all know which Avenger has a tendency to rage more than the others.

The Hulk channels his anger into a weapon just as a Barbarian does. Barbarians also have a focus on melee weapons, and we have all seen the Hulk use such crude tools when he was a gladiator in Thor: Ragnarok. When the Hulk is fighting with the team, it's best to support him from behind and just let him do his thing.

8 Druid: Ant-Man

Granted, Scott Lang does not commune with nature the way a real Druid would. However, out of all the Avengers, his powers connect him to a part of nature, i.e. ants. Ants built the foundation for his abilities and, like druids, Scott demonstrates that large powers can come in small packages.

In a D&D game, Druids can be those characters you mistake for straight-up support, but they can be real powerhouses. Druids can surprise you with the gargantuan abilities they have at their disposal. Just like Ant-Man surprised the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War by growing to enormous heights, Druids can shock and awe you, too.

7 Ranger: Hawkeye

Rangers are a distance class. They do their best work from afar, shooting storms of arrows down on their foes while melee classes keep them occupied. Hawkeye is a classic Ranger. Not only does he have a bow and arrow, he also keeps a weather eye on his surroundings.

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When the Avengers were fighting in New York against Loki and the Chitauri, Hawkeye found a perch on a rooftop where he could call out enemy patterns. We used to think that Hawkeye was the guy with just a bow and arrow trying to take on extraterrestrial threats. Over the years, Hawkeye has demonstrated the versatility and usefulness of a Ranger in your party.

6 Fighter: Iron Man

With an almost innate understanding of modern weapons and armor, Iron Man is the perfect example of what a Fighter can be in a D&D group. Iron Man can trade punches with the best of them. He can also fire on enemies from a distance. Iron Man showcases the fighting power of a classic Fighter.

Alongside the Barbarian class, Fighters are the ones you call upon to take on large opponents. They are also the ones who can withstand a lot of damage. Tony Stark on his own is squishy, but as Iron Man, he's a tank. In a well-balanced D&D party, you want to have at least one Fighter on your side.

5 Sorcerer: Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch became the Scarlet Witch after she was experimented on by HYDRA. Using the power of the Mind Stone, HYDRA gave Scarlet Witch reality-bending powers that soon meshed with her very being. Her origin makes Scarlet Witch a prime candidate for the Dungeons & Dragons class of Sorcerer.

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Even more than Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch's magic feels like it is a part of her. Unlike most spellcasters, Sorcerers tend to be on the heartier side, with hefty Constitutions. This fits in perfectly with Scarlet Witch, who frequently gets smack into the middle of a fight regardless of the danger.

4 Monk: Captain America

We debated whether or not Captain America should be the Fighter class or not, but Monk seemed to fit him better. In D&D, the Monk is a master of close-range combat, preferring to use martial arts rather than an actual heavy weapon. More than any other Avenger, Cap is the one who fights with his fists (well, aside from the Hulk).

Captain America's super-enhanced strength makes one punch from him more damaging than an average man's hammer swing. Enemies run from Cap's red-gloved fist the same way they would run from the cocked arm of a zealous Monk.

3 Paladin: Thor

Paladins are similar to fighters, except they have a deity behind their magic might. This class fits Thor perfectly, even though he is a deity in his own right. Thor has a bit of magic in his corner and raw, physical strength as well. That combination makes for a great Paladin.

Typically, Paladins stick to a moral code prescribed by the deity they follow. While Thor himself is the Norse God of Thunder, there is a sort of code he adheres to. He has to behave in a manner that is worthy of his hammer Mjolnir. This sense of righteousness is the bread and butter of Paladins.

2 Rogue: Black Widow

The stealthy maneuvering of a spy like Black Widow makes her suited for the class of Rogue. Rogues are the kind of party members you don't always appreciate until they prove their usefulness. At first, you might get a tad ticked off that they're always sneaking in blows and then running away.

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Later on, after your foe is dealt an insane amount of damage thanks to a Rogue's surprise attack, you're thankful they're on your side. Black Widow is definitely one for surprise attacks. As the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have progressed, her role has definitely become more Fighter-esque. However, her Rogue roots should never be forgotten.

1 Bard: Spider-Man

Now, we know what you might say to this. "Spider-Man doesn't sing. How is he a Bard?" Bards are the ultimate support class. They are extremely handy in a fight, even when they aren't dealing damage to opponents. That embodies what Peter Parker does for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He might not be taking out Thanos, but he's supporting the Avengers while they do.

Plus, when you least expect it, Bards can do insanely powerful things for the good of the party. Given the talent Spider-Man already possesses, it wouldn't surprise us if he begins taking on a more important role in the Avengers. Team Bard!

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