New Dungeons & Dragons Card Game Promises Fast, Fun Gameplay

Dungeon Mayhem Announced

Dungeons & Dragons is set to take on the world of collectible card games with a new project from Wizards of the Coast called Dungeon Mayhem. Wizards of the Coast is well-known for another trading card game (TCG) of course, the popular Magic: The Gathering, and also recently announced the existence of a Transformers TCG as well.

For those unfamiliar, Dungeons & Dragons is a wildly successful roleplaying game that sees its players create their own characters and adventure using a set of guidelines laid out by the publisher. The game has been a geek culture staple since the late 1970s, and has experienced a renaissance after Netflix series Stranger Things used Dungeons & Dragons as a key plot point in its first season.

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In the wake of a decision that will see Dungeons & Dragons meet Magic: The Gathering in an official Wizards of the Coast product, the company will also be pushing Dungeon Mayhem as a card game that can function as both a compliment to D&D or as a standalone experience. Dungeon Mayhem is being described as an "easy-to-learn" card game that will pit 2 to 4 players against each other with decks that are modeled after Dungeons & Dragons character classes - barbarian, paladin, rogue, and wizard.

Dungeon Mayhem Box
Dungeon Mayhem Card Art

Perhaps even more exciting is the game's purported learning curve, with Wizards of the Coast suggesting that novice players might only need around five minutes to learn the basics of Dungeon Mayhem. Given that one of the biggest impediments to peoples' desire to learn Dungeons & Dragons is a rather steep learning curve in the beginning, having a game set within the same universe that is also significantly more forgiving with regards to difficulty and time investment could be a savvy way to snag new player interest in the Dungeons & Dragons brand.

Dungeon Mayhem will be available "everywhere" on November 16, and will retail for a very reasonable $15 USD. Illustrator Kyle Ferrin has brought each character to life, and the classes are each represented by one main protagonist: Sutha the Skullcrusher, the barbarian; Azzan the Mystic, the wizard; Lia the Radiant, the paladin; and Oriax the Clever, who is, of course, a rogue. If the characters sound like stereotypical Dungeons & Dragons character names, that's probably intentional. Everything covered by Wizards of the Coast thus far indicates a game that has a very tongue-in-cheek reverence for the game it takes its inspiration from, and Dungeon Mayhem appears to be the sort of game that embraces chaos rather than trying to avoid it.

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Dungeon Mayhem will be in stores everywhere starting on November 16, 2018.

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