Pierre Morel's 'Dune' Gets New Screenwriter

In the first few days of this year we reported that Taken director, Pierre Morel is replacing Peter Berg as director of the upcoming remake/re-imagining of Dune (Berg is off directing Battleship). For those of you who are fans of Frank Herbert's classic 1965 book you will be glad to hear Morel is looking to stay very faithful to the source material with his movie.

There's been speculation over what's going on with the script for Dune: Berg was supposedly knee-deep in developing a script by Josh Zetumer (Bourne 4), however when Morel came aboard supposedly a new writer was going to be brought in to make major changes to Zetumer's script, in order to get it closer to what the original book is (I'm assuming that means Zetumer's wasn't all that faithful).

Now we learn - via THR - that a new screenwriter has been found to make those changes. Chase Palmer has been hired to write a new script for Dune, taking what was in Zetumer's draft and working with Morel to incorporate the director's ideas into it. But it's more than just the odd creature design here or action scene there - it was reported at the end of last month that Morel is planning to completely re-draft the script (although he still admitted Zetumer and Berg's ideas were "interesting... just not our vision.").

So I guess Palmer's job is a big one; Morel really must be adamant on sticking close to Herbert's book by the sounds of it.

Palmer isn't a huge established screenwriting name quite yet, having only written, directed and produced a couple of short films (Shock and Awe and Neo-Noir). However, he has an upcoming film called Number 13 (which he is writing and directing) that has an interesting premise: Alfred Hitchcock on the set of one of his movies gets caught up in a love triangle and murder mystery not dissimilar to his own narratives. Palmer also worked on the scripts for No Blood, No Guts, No Glory for Paramount and The Dallas Buyer's Club for Universal. I'm sure if he turns in a well-received Dune script he'll be in demand for years to come.

Morel and Palmer have a tough job ahead of them adapting Dune, as it's not an easy property to get right (as evidenced by David Lynch's attempt in1984 - and that's coming from a Lynch worshiper). Although since Morel is such a huge fan of the book, I have faith he will get it right.

What do you think of the new screenwriter that's been hired for Dune? Are you hoping that Palmer and Morel stick as close to Herbert's book as possible? Who would you like to see star in the movie?

No word on when we might see Dune in theaters. But as always stay tuned to Screen Rant to find out!

Source: THR and Latino Review

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