Concept Art For Peter Berg's Dune Remake

About a year ago, director Peter Berg jumped ship, leaving the Dune remake in favor of the $200 million Universal Pictures project, Battleship. Delays and delays seemingly forced Berg out of the director's chair after having been attached for nearly two full years. Stepping in as a replacement was Pierre Morel who made his name helming Taken and this year's From Paris with Love.

Even though Dune has has a rough few years moving in a forward direction, reports from the top of the year pointed towards Paramount wanting to put the movie on the fast track. In February, Chase Palmer was signed to completely rewrite the script by Josh Zetumer to fit Morel's vision for the project. If you were interested in Berg's highly customized adaptation and what his Dune movie would have looked like, we have a gallery of concept art used in pre-production from before the director change.

Morel's objective is to make a movie that is very faithful to Frank Herbert's 1965 original Dune novel but he's new to the game of big budget science fiction epics. While I really enjoyed Taken, his other feature film directorial outings in District B13 and From Paris with Love didn't earn my love. If his goal is to make a faithful adaptation, it'll be interesting to see how much of the original story and details translate into this live action adaptation, and how it compares to David Lynch's 1984 Dune film or John Harrison's Dune miniseries from back in 2000.

The art comes from Jock, who also did the Judge Dredd remake concept art and is currently working with Peter Berg again, producing art for his Battleship. Check out the images below which depict Spice Worms, the landscapes of Arrakeen and Caladan, the Sardaukar and even what Paul Atreides may have appeared as, had they found the right actor.


We sadly haven't heard anything new on Dune since the beginning of the year but Screen Rant will let you know first thing when something breaks.

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Source: Jock

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