Rebecca Ferguson In Talks To Join Denis Villeneuve's Dune as Lady Jessica

Rebecca Ferguson is looking to join Denis Villeneuve's Dune. Villeneuve has become one of Hollywood's most acclaimed directors in recent years, and he's using his power to bring Dune back to the big screen. David Lynch previously adapted Frank Herbert's novel in 1984, but Villeneuve is looking to re-adapt the source material with a large scope imagined. His vision is to make this a franchise that will go at least two films.

Leading this potential franchise is Timothee Chalamet as Paul Atreides, the role Kyle MacLachlan played in the '84 version. Even though Paul is the lead character, there are several supporting characters who are essential to Dune's story, including Paul's parents. Based on the latest report, it appears Villeneuve has his eyes on a rising Hollywood star for one of them.

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THR reports Rebecca Ferguson is in talks to join Dune. Although no deal has been finalized, she is in negotiations to play Paul's mother, Lady Jessica. She plays a pivotal part in the story, as she flees to the desert with Paul and helps make him a messiah-like figure to lead a rebellion and save their planet Arrakis. Francesca Annis previously played the role for Lynch's film.

Should Ferguson agree to play Lady Jessica in Dune, it will be the latest project to join her busy schedule. She's currently filming her part in Sony's Men in Black spinoff, starring Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, before joining Ewan McGregor in Doctor Sleep later this year. Neither of these projects should conflict with her potential involvement in Dune, however, as Villeneuve's film is aiming for an early 2019 production start.

If everything comes together for Ferguson and Dune, it will mark the first collaboration between her and Villeneuve. He has assembled some incredibly talented casts in his prior films and built up working relationships with several stars. Jake Gyllenhaal, for instance, has appeared in two of his films, while stars such as Amy Adams, Hugh Jackman, Emily Blunt, and Ryan Gosling have each headlined various projects. He has yet to bring back any of his familiar people so far, but both Jackman and Gyllenhaal would make for great Duke Leto Atreides. Whoever winds up playing this part, the film's villain, Paul's love-interest, or other roles, they'll be joining what is already shaping up to be an impressive cast. Ferguson and Chalamet are great early casting choices for Dune, so hopefully similarly great names will fill out the film.

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Source: THR

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