Duncan Jones Following 'Moon' with 'Mute'

As much as I like bombastic, high-intensity, and (let's face it) goofy action films ( i.e. Transformers), the majority of my favorite sci-fi movies are of the slow and contemplative variety. You know, movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Solaris, and Alien. Which is why I have been so excited for Duncan Jones' upcoming feature Moon.

Widely praised at Sundance, Moon looks like it could be the kind of sci-fi drama that that sci-fi fans can really sink their teeth into. Plus it has Sam Rockwell who, between his widely praised performance in Moon and his supporting role in the upcoming Iron Man 2, is poised to potentially become a legitimate Hollywood leading man.

So, given the buzz surrounding Moon, how exciting is it that Jones and Rockwell may team up again on Jones' next film, the Blade Runner-inspired Mute?

Recently, io9 caught up with Duncan Jones to ask him some questions about Mute, his approach to sci-fi, and more. I've reproduced a few of the questions below:

On the Mute script:

Yes it's been done for awhile. I actually wrote it before I did Moon. The script has started to go out to actors. So if I can get a cast, and if Moon goes well and people have the faith to invest in me to another film then that's the film I'm very much hoping I'll do next.

On how he was inspired by Blade Runner.

The only reason that I mention Blade Runner is because there's something about that particular film, where they really created a believable and realistic living breathing futuristic world. For all of the other films that have tried to do that I don't think anything has come as close the way Blade Runner has to creating something believable. Something that feels real and organic. It's like going to a real city and shooting a film there. You just get a sense that this place exists. [In] most of the science fiction films, it always feels a bit fake and a bit flat, but Blade Runner really didn't. That's the aspect of Blade Runner I'm hoping to capture.

On villains for Mute.

First of all, there's more than one person [as in Moon], but also there's a couple of villains in there which I'm really excited about. They're so different than anything you've seen. I hope I get the chance to make the film because they're going to be very unique, you're not going to have seen anyone like these two guys before.

For a full version of the interview, follow this link.

Moon will be in theaters on June 12, 2009. Mute is currently in development and no word yet on a release date.

Source: io9 via The Playlist

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