Warcraft's Duncan Jones Reveals He’s Directing A Comic Book Movie

Duncan Jones is going to direct a comic book movie next, it's just unclear which one. Hollywood is only continuing to commit to the superhero movie craze. While Marvel Studios is leading the charge, several other studios are bringing comic book based content to the big screen. No one is so far rivaling the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Warner Bros.' DC universe, Fox's X-Men franchise, and a variety of other smaller films are in the works too.

With so many different comic books being adapted for the big screen, that means there's countless jobs for directors, writers, and stars to fill in the genre. Jones is a director many have had their eye on since he directed Moon and then Source Code. His big budget film Warcraft didn't meet expectations and his Netflix movie Mute didn't generate very good reviews. He still remains a talented director and will next helm one of the many comic book movies out there, but that doesn't mean it has to be a superhero movie.

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Duncan Jones was the one to break the news to the internet, but he isn't revealing all the details just yet. All he will say is that he's a bit nervous to direct "a pretty special" comic book movie. He confirms it will be his next project and that more news and teases will follow. While the public has to wait to learn what project it is, Baby Driver director Edgar Wright knows the details, and even he is excited for the film.

Since the project Jones is going to tackle isn't known just yet, it leaves fans in pure speculation territory - most of which fall into the superhero territory. If we start with Marvel Studios, there are only a few known projects for their future and an even smaller number that Jones could tackle. The biggest fit would be The Eternals, a project that would give Jones plenty of creative freedom and a grand scope to explore. Marvel has hired screenwriters for the movie, so the director search could conceivably be underway (and finished). It is possible Jones' deal was done in quiet, but it may be a bit unbelievable that this is how the news would surface - and not through a trade or Marvel directly.

The other big universe in the game is the unofficially titled DC Extended Universe. One project that fans have often included Jones on wish-lists for is Green Lantern Corps. He's even talked about his "imaginative" idea for the franchise. Similar to The Eternals, this project would give Jones the entire cosmos to explore and make his own. Again though, this cryptic tweet being the avenue for such an announcement doesn't line up.

The same could go for a project like Gambit that desperately needs a director, but, again, he may not exactly be looking into superhero movies. The most likely option is that Jones is going to tackle a "smaller" film. Studios have been picking up the rights to dozens of titles from Image, Valiant, and others, so Jones could tackle one of those instead. Now that the news is out there that he's attached to a comic book movie, it shouldn't be too much longer before the exact project is revealed.

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