Duncan Jones To Direct TV Series Adaptation of Killer Intent Novel

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Duncan Jones is certainly not afraid of keeping his dance card full, as the director has lined up an adaptation of author Tony Kent’s novel Killer Intent as his next project and also his first television directing gig. Since his 2009 breakout film, Moon, Jones has followed through with a series of genre films, including the Jake Gyllenhaal thriller Source Code and the big budget, CGI-heavy video game adaptation of Warcraft. Since then, Jones has one other film under his belt, the Netflix distributed sci-fi drama Mute, though he recently announced he’ll be helming an adaptation of Rogue Trooper, which appeared in the British comic 2000 AD. 

Like so many in Hollywood as of late, Jones is turning his sights to television, as the medium has increasingly become a regular destination for in-demand actors and directors alike. Though there’s no channel or streaming service mentioned in the press release announcing the project, it was made clear that, in addition to directing the series, Jones will serve as an executive producer. The project will not only be his first work in TV, but as far as genre is concerned, Killer Intent will move him out of the realm of science fiction and fantasy, and into the world of the action-thriller. 

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Envisioned as a series akin to something like Lee Child's Jack Reacher books and movies, Kent’s novel revolves around intelligence agent Joe Dempsey, who, along with “Irish barrister Michael Devlin and American television journalist Sarah Truman,” uncovers a conspiracy threatening to destabilize the British government following a failed assassination attempt. Killer Intent is the first novel in the series, with a sequel, Marked For Death, already set to be published in early 2019. 

In the official statement regarding the upcoming project, Jones said: 

“Tony’s writing style is already so cinematic, working with him and a room of writers to adapt his first book will be a thrill. I’m excited to get my teeth into some contemporary set action, and have time to develop characters over a series rather than a single film.”

The shift from feature film to television will be an interesting one to watch Jones make. Though an exact episode count wasn’t mentioned, it’s easy to imagine Jones will be working with more than double the runtime he’s used to. Furthermore, though he’s directed plenty of action sequences in his films, this will be the first time he’s working within the constraints of a contemporary setting, which will certainly help distinguish this project even more from his growing catalog of feature films. 

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Killer Intent does not have a premiere date as the moment.

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