Dumbo (2019): 10 Facts About The Cast Bringing The Disney Classic To Life

The original 1941 Disney film Dumbo was based around a screenplay of the same name. The lovable story followed an elephant who was born with outrageously large ears. Due to his silly looks, he was nicknamed "dumb" from Dumbo. The Disney film takes a dark turn after his mom protects him from taunting children, forcing her to be locked away for a bit. This leaves poor Dumbo in a position where he's treated, essentially, like a clown for the circus — all because of his large ears. His story changes when the circus realize this small elephant can actually fly due to his bigger ears, which changes his life significantly.

Although it's been almost 80 years since the lovable cartoon was released, Tim Burton is bringing it back to life with a star-studded crew and enchanting effects.

10 Eva Green Is A French Native

Actress Eva Green has been cast as Collete Marchante; a French trapeze artist. A French native herself, Eva was ready for the spotlight after being raised by fellow actress and author, Marlène Jobert. After starting off in theatre for a number of years, she was cast in 2003's Dreamers. The movie alone set her up for success because in 2005 she was working with established actors like Orlando Bloom and Liam Neeson in Kingdom of Heaven. At 38 years old, the French-born actress has won a BAFTA, Best Female Newcomer at the 12 Empire Awards, and Best Actress in 2016.

9 Alan Arkin Does More Than Act

Legendary actor, Alan Arkin, is starring as J. Griffin Remington; a Wallstreet businessman in the 2019 live-action film, Dumbo. This Oscar winner is much more than an actor, he's also a director, an author, a producer, and dabbles in music. He's the full package, along with being insanely talented. He's been in countless hit films like Argo (where he was nominated for over 10 awards based off his character), Marley and Me, and Million Dollar Arm (along with many others, respectively). Now, as J. Griffin Remington in Dumbo, we have another chance to see Arkin come to shine.

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8 Colin Farrel's Worked With Disney Before

Colin Farrel might steal the show as Holt Farrier. In the story, Holt is a former war veteran who returns home to a backwards circus. He's put in charge of caring for the baby elephant when he and his children realize how special Dumbo really is. In real life, however, this isn't Colin's first go-around with Disney. He's also starred in Saving Mr. Banks and The Recruit. And while Farrel has a rather seedy past, his latest ventures have made up for it and have established him as a top actor to beat.

7 Michael Keaton Isn't His Real Name

It's wild to think that an award-winning star like Michael Keaton has been accepting awards under a name that isn't biologically his. Keaton was actually born Michael Douglas, however, after realizing there was another actor in the scene already with the same name, he went with Keaton. In 2019s Dumbo, Keaton plays V. A. Vandevere; a wealthy entrepreneur who buys the circus only to exploit their newfound star, Dumbo. And while Keaton is going to play an excellent villain, we're surely going to get an explosive performance considering he's worked with director Tim Burton before in Beetlejuice and 1992s Batman Returns. 

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6 Danny DeVito's Daughter Is Also In The Movie

Beloved comedic Danny DeVito is making moves as Max Medici; the ringmaster of the circus. Since his circus is failing miserably, he allows Keaton's character to acquire it in order to stay above water. In real life though, DeVito's making this film a family affair. His daughter, Lucy DeVito also makes an appearance in the film as one of the coat check girls. Lucy, coming from professional acting parents, has also appeared in Deadbeat, a few TV series, and alongside her dear old dad in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. While Danny DeVito is one of the stars of the movie, it's still nice to make an original Disney story a family affair.

5 Finley Hobbins And Nico Parker Are New To Hollywood

In the film, Finley Hobbins and Nico Parker portray Joe and Milly Farrier. In the movie, these two will be left helping take care of Dumbo as they find out about his magical gift. If you've seen the trailer, you're probably wondering who these young actors are. According to their IMDb pages, these two youngsters are new to Hollywood. With Dumbo both being their only credit, it's a sure way to start off a career — especially under directing genius Tim Burton. If Dumbo lives up to all the hype, these two acting kiddos are set.

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4 Joseph Gatt Has Alopecia

English actor Joseph Gatt will be starring as Neils Skellig; V. A. Vandevere's right-hand man. In real life though, Gatt is a self-proclaimed "geek," starring in the likes of Star Trek Into The Darkness and TV show, Z Nation. Before his acting took off though, Gatt was diagnosed with alopecia, making all his hair fall out by the time he was 14. He, however, sees his autoimmune disease as a blessing. He says, "Without it, I would not have been forced to make those difficult decisions and fight those battles that have brought me to the blessed life I currently have. Without Alopecia, ironically, I probably would not be living my dream as a successful actor.”

3 Sharon Rooney Won A BAFTA From Her First Show

You know you have something special when you win a big-time award for your first piece of work. Scottish actress Sharon Rooney will be starring as Miss Atlantis in Dumbo; one of the acts. Before being cast in Dumbo, however, Rooney started off as Rae Earl in My Mad Fat Diary. Her passion in the show allowed her to win a BAFTA in 2015 after two years on the show. That's pretty impressive considering how amazing the talent pool is. Dumbo will also be Rooney's first motion-picture, having only performed on television beforehand.

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Deobia Oparei Stars In 'Game Of Thrones'

Not much is said about Deobia Oparei's character Rongo, but we do know Oparei has the acting chops to pull it off. The London born actor has been working in entertainment since the early '90s. He was Gunner in 2011s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, starred as Dikembe Umbutu in 2016s Independence Day: Resurgence, and most notably has been in Game of Thrones (2015-2016) as Areo Hotah.

1 Tim Burton Worked At Walt Disney Animation Studios

Okay so, technically Tim Burton doesn't star in the show, but he sure as heck directs it. As one of the most intriguing directors of our generation, him working on Dumbo seems like the match made in Heaven we didn't know we needed. Working on Disney classics like Alice in Wonderland, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Frankenweenie, and now, Dumbo, it almost seems like Burton has Disney in his blood. And he kind of does... After his animation caught the eyes of Disney Animation Studios, they offered him an apprenticeship there in 1981. It's obvious that only his creative mind can bring together these visual peices of art, and Dumbo should be no different.

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