'Dumb & Dumber To' Shooting in September Says Jeff Daniels

Dumb Dumber To Jeff Daniels Interview

Like watching Harry and Lloyd trying to push their way into a door marked "pull," the  saga of Dumb & Dumber To has been a long frustrating battle towards an obvious conclusion.

After nearly two decades of "will they, won't they" speculation concerning Dumb and Dumber directors The Farrelly Brothers and their leading men Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, the last year alone saw renwed drama, as Jim Carrey stepped back from the project due to friction with Warner Bros.; the studio then dropped the sequel entirely, but it was rescued by Universal and is still  headed for production.

In the video clip above (taken from The Jimmy Fallon Show), Jeff Daniels confirms that he and Carrey are indeed both in, and things are set to get underway, with The Farrelly's to allegedly start shooting in September. 2014 will of course be the Twentieth anniversary of the first film, so the motivation to get production underway in 2013 is pretty clear, from a marketing standpoint.

Dumb Dumber To Jeff Daniels Interview

There's also the advantageous selling point of having the sequel set in real time, so that Harry and Lloyd are now middle-aged (but still just as dumb, as Daniels states in the interview). That slice of meta should work in perfect tandem with the anniversary date to spark notstalgia in the millions of fans (including this writer) who nearly broke their ribs laughing at the first film; while the general comedic talents of Daniels and (in larger part) Carrey should capture the interest of comedy fans who may not have seen the film (yet).

The real question is whether or not the Farrelly's - whose work on projects like Hall PassThree Stooges and the universally reviled Movie 43 - will be able to perhaps capture some of their 'lost magic' by reuniting with their Dumb and Dumber stars. A previously disclosed version of the movie has either Harry or Lloyd discovering that he is the father of a child in need of a kidney; that's at least solid ground from which to build something great. 


If all continues to go well, expect to see Dumb & Dumber To sometime in 2014 (possibly in accordance with the holiday season release of the first film?).

Source: NBC

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