'Dumb and Dumber To' Trailer: Carrey & Daniels Try to Reclaim the Funny

Dumb and Dumber 2 Trailer

It's almost hard to believe that the trailer above finally exists, but Dumb and Dumber To is indeed here. The sequel brings back franchise icons Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey as Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas - with Dumb and Dumber directors Bobby and Peter Farrelly also back to direct.

Keeping things in real-time format, we catch up with Harry and Lloyd twenty years after the events of the first installment, as the pair learn that Harry has a daughter - whom Lloyd just happens to be infatuated with. (The full synopsis is a bit more complicated - but we'll wait for the marketing to reveal that in full.) Whatever the true motivation, another road trip in the shaggin wagon ensues thereafter, with hilarity (hopefully) in tow.

Early reactions to Dumb and Dumber To have almost universally claimed that the magic is indeed recaptured - with particular note that this is something of a comeback for Jim Carrey. This trailer doesn't necessarily evidence the former, but there are hints that the latter part could indeed be true.

Carrey is, admittedly, facing an uphill battle due to some offscreen political controversy, but a Dumb and Dumber movie should (transcend?) all of that and be enjoyed for what it is: good, dumb, fun. The film also stars Laurie Holden (Walking Dead), Rob Riggle (22 Jump Street), and Kathleen Turner.

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Dumb and Dumber To will be in theaters on November 14, 2014.

Source: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

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