'Walking Dead' Star Laurie Holden & More Join 'Dumb and Dumber To'

Laurie Holden wielding a gun in 'The Walking Dead'

The Farrelly brothers' long-awaited sequel to their classic comedy film Dumb and Dumber, which took characters with low IQ and made them wholly loveable (and also introduced us to the most annoying sound in the world), is finally set to begin filming this month with both Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey signed on to reprise their roles as Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne.

The script for Dumb and Dumber To was written by Bobby and Peter Farrelly in collaboration with Bennett Yellin and Mike Cerrone (Stuck On You), and is based on an earlier draft by Sean Anders and John Morris (We're the Millers). The final plot concocted by these comedy veterans apparently involves Harry and Lloyd being taken advantage of, according to the latest casting news about Dumb and Dumber To's female lead.

Deadline reports that Laurie Holden, who appeared in her final episode of The Walking Dead earlier this year, will be playing Dumb and Dumber To's scheming antagonist Adele Pichlow, the seemingly perfect wife of a doctor who puts together an underhanded plot and uses Harry and Lloyd as an unwitting means of covering her tracks.

What Adele's intentions might be aren't exactly clear, but an earlier description of Dumb and Dumber To's plot described one of the friends discovering that he may have sired a child 20 years prior and needing to donate a kidney in order to help him survive an illness. This dovetails neatly with Adele's status as the wife of a doctor, suggesting that the kidney operation might be part of her plans, and perhaps even that the supposed offspring might not be all that they seem.

Based on another piece of casting news from THR, it seems likely that the child in question will actually be Adele's own step-daughter, Penny, who will be played by Days of Our Lives star Rachel Melvin. The doctor will be played by Steve Tom, a character actor who will host HBO's Funny or Die Presents and who has previously been seen in guest roles on Prison Break and Major Crimes.

If, as the brief description of her character suggests, Holden adopts the poise and manners of a Stepford Wife for Dumb and Dumber To, it will be quite a radical change from the image of her that The Walking Dead fans have grown used to. As Andrea, Holden played a woman with a chip on her shoulder struggling to pick up essential survival skills (firing a gun being the most useful) in a zombie-ridden post-apocalyptic landscape. Prior to that she was known for a number of tough character roles, including Officer Sybil Bennett in Silent Hill and Agent Olivia Murray in The Shield.

Knowing these new plot and character hints, tell us what you think Adele Pichlow's plans might be in Dumb and Dumber To, and what this sequel needs to do in order to be a worthy follow-up to the Farrelly brothers' original movie.


Dumb and Dumber To doesn't have a set release date, but based on the production schedule we expect to see it in theaters sometime in late 2014.

Source: Deadline & THR

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