Drive Angry Super Bowl TV Spot

Drive Angry movie trailer with Nicolas Cage

Drive Angry debuts in just over two weeks, taking moviegoers along for a ride with Nicolas Cage's returned-from-the-dead, shotgun-wielding criminal on a mission to save his granddaughter from cultists who seek to sacrifice her.

We've seen plenty of Drive Angry TV spots already, including one very adult-oriented R-rated ad, but here's another new one made just for the Super Bowl.

Drive Angry is not your Awards-season type of film, but it's the type that offers undeniable fun for fans of Nicolas Cage and the genre. Because of that, it almost made our list of the 20 most anticipated movies of 2011.

Joining Cage on this adventure is Amber Heard, playing his sidekick of sorts as a waitress looking to make good for her past sins, William Fichtner as one of Satan's minions, and Billy Burke as the villainous Jonah King.

Here's the Drive Angry Super Bowl TV Spot:


It's more of the same explosive action from the previous Drive Angry commercials (check out the trailer if you missed it) but this particular spot emphasizes a few things for the millions watching Super Bowl XLV: The film is called Drive Angry; It comes out February 25th; It's shot in 3D and it features all of the ingredients of a hard B-movie/grindhouse style action flick.

Is this the type of movie we've been waiting for from Nic Cage?

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Drive Angry 3D hits theaters hard on February 25, 2011.

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