Nicolas Cage Set To 'Drive Angry' In 3D

Think you've seen enough of Nicolas Cage? Well get ready for some more of him, in 3D no less!

Cage has signed on to a project called Drive Angry (yes, that's the title), which is a revenge film about a man driven by rage (see what they did there?) who is chasing the people who killed his daughter and stole her baby. The rescue/vendetta then gets out of control, "as the chase gets bloodier by the mile, leaving bodies strewn along the highway."

Sounds like Taken on wheels!...

Patrick Nussier is set to direct Drive Angry (he also co-wrote along with Todd Farmer) for Nu Image/Millenium. As hinted in the opening of this post, the film will be done in 3D. This is the first time Nu Image/Millenium have went down the 3D road (get it?), but Nussier (who got his start editing Wes Craven horrors) already has experience with the format via the 3D horror film My Bloody Valentine at the start of this year. Since that film grossed $93 million from a $15 million budget, I'm not surprised the studio has chosen Nussier to direct Drive Angry.

I really dig it when Cage takes these kinds of roles. Drive Angry sounds like a pretty full-on premise, one that I hope let's us see the wilder and more unpredictable Nic Cage that we've seen in the past with films like Wild At Heart and Kiss of Death. Although he does his fair share of crap, so do most actors and when he hits with a role/performance he's a joy to watch (Adaptation comes straight to mind).

However, with a premise like this, I don't really see the need for Drive Angry to be 3D. To me the only way 3D makes sense for this particular story is if it's employed in the crappy usual gimmicky way with things flying out at the audience for no other reason than for things to fly out at the audience (Nussier's My Blood Valentine, as well as the recent Final Destination are guilty of this cinematic sin).

Putting the 3D aspect to one side, though, I'm intrigued by what Drive Angry will turn out like. What do you make of it? Does it sound like a fun (in a Death Race kind of way) premise to you? And do you think it should be in 3D?

Drive Angry is planned to begin production in April, 2010, in Louisiana. No release date has been scheduled for it yet.

Source: THR (HeatVisionBlog)

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