'Drive Angry 3D' International Trailer & Poster: Mad Nic Cage On Wheels

Drive Angry 3D movie Nicolas Cage

Don't mess with Nicolas Cage. Seriously, the man has made a career by freaking out onscreen (warning: that link is NSFW) and in this February's Drive Angry 3D he's a fresh escapee from Hell who's infuriated beyond all comparison, armed to kill, and behind the wheel of a seemingly indestructible Black '71 Challenger.

If that description didn't send shivers down your spine, then perhaps the film's new UK trailer and familiar-looking poster will convince you that there's nothing more dangerous than a furious Nic Cage behind the wheel of an unregistered vehicle.

Drive Angry 3D was helmed by Patrick Lussier, the man behind the three-dimensional remake of My Bloody Valentine. The pic stars Cage as Milton, a criminal that literally escapes from Satan's realm in order to stop a barbaric cult of fanatics responsible for killing his daughter from making his infant granddaughter a ritual sacrifice. But he'll have to contend with more than mere mortals as the Devil's right hand man (William Fichtner) is hot on his trail (see what we did there?).

Those who caught the official Drive Angry 3D trailer likely got the gist of what this flick has to offer: a lean, mean plot; Amber Heard strutting around in a pair of Daisy Dukes; plus, the most car crashes, explosions, and cheesy one-liners from Cage since his Con Air/Gone in Sixty Seconds days.

Chances are good that this UK trailer (courtesy of Bleeding Cool) won't significantly affect your enthusiasm (or lack thereof) for Drive Angry 3D, but it is the holiday season - what better way to let off steam from the stresses of shopping and traveling than by watching Cage wreak havoc with his car?

Watch the Drive Angry 3D international trailer below:

There's a new poster out for Drive Angry 3D as well, but it's very similar to the last one-sheet released for the film. Truth be told, it's exactly the same, save for the shiny title logo and the slightly different tagline at the top of the poster.

Check it out below:

Drive Angry poster Nicolas Cage Amber Heard

Drive Angry will hit 2D and 3D screens around the U.S. on February 25th, 2011.

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