Drew Goddard Pitched Daredevil As a Movie Before Netflix Series

Drew Goddard pitched Daredevil as a movie before TV show

Following the success of Cabin in The Woods, writer/director Drew Goddard has risen up the ranks of Hollywood - having continued that success by creating Netflix’s Daredevil and most recently, writing the screenplay for The Martian. Currently on top of the world, the filmmaker recently looked back on his original idea for bringing The Man Without Fear to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and offered a small tease for the show’s second season, at the same time).

Goddard stepped down as showrunner of Daredevil early on in production so he focus his efforts on crafting Sony’s Sinister Six movie, a spin-off of the now defunct The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. After the studio’s announcement of a new Spider-Man franchise with Marvel, Sinister Six have been postponed, but the director has mentioned that the movie could yetbe resurrected in a couple of years.

In an interview with IGN while promoting The Martian, Goddard talked about his original plan to bring Daredevil back to the big screen (as part of the MCU):

“I went into Marvel and talked to them about making it as a movie a couple of years ago, long after the Affleck movie. But what we all sort of realised is that, this movie doesn’t want to cost $200 million. The thing about Matt Murdock is, he’s not saving the world. He’s just keeping his corner clean. So it would feel wrong to have spaceships crashing in the middle of the city. But because of that, Marvel on the movie side is not in the business of making $25 million movies. They’re going big, as they should.”

Furthermore, Netflix seemed to be a better fit for both Goddard as he was able to explore more adult themes via the Daredevil TV series:

“It felt that we’d have more freedom to make it on the small screen and make it more adult. Look, if we took the Netflix [show] and put it in theatres, it’s rated R. And they’re not doing R-rated movies. And we also got to really explore the character. I feel like Netflix was the best possible home for that, otherwise you’d end up with a watered down version.”

While Goddard is no longer showrunner, he is still involved in a limited capacity and gave a few details for Daredevil season 2:

“Yeah, I’m not running the show any more, Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez are, and they’re doing a phenomenal job. I get to go and play. All I can tell you is that if you liked Season 1, then Season 2 is going to blow your mind. They’re going big.”

Daredevil Netflix Red Costume

While the MCU still stays in the PG-13 range (or PG-16, in the case of Daredevil), it seems that the Marvel characters with more adult themes are going to continue being relegated to the small screen. Some might find disappointing, but on the other hand whereas many superhero movies focus heavily on spectacle and action, a show like Daredevil is able to explore its heroes and villains alike in greater depth than a film might allow. It also frees up the show-runners to stray further from the Marvel origin story formula than movies sometimes do (see criticisms of this year's Ant-Man, for example).

However with the increasingly popularity of Netflix original shows, comic book fans will still be able to see more of their favorite characters - citizens of the MCU like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, who might not necessarily have gotten their own films otherwise (given that their source comics have comparative niche appeal). So things seem to work out better, in that respect.

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Daredevil season one is currently available on Netflix. Jessica Jones will be made available starting November 20th, 2015, followed by Luke Cage season one and Daredevil season two in 2016. Iron Fist and The Defenders will arrive sometime thereafter.

Source: IGN

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