Drew Barrymore To Direct 'Twilight' Sequel 'Eclipse?'

Not long after the news that New Moon director Chris Weitz will not be returning to direct The Twilight Saga's Eclipse, we have the rather surprising news that actress-turned-director Drew Barrymore (yes, that Drew Barrymore) is reportedly among a small group of directors Summit Entertainment is looking at to helm the third film in the vampire franchise.

Has Barrymore directed anything before, I hear you ask? Well she made a TV documentary back in 2004 called Choose or Lose Parents: The Best Place To Start but only recently made her feature directorial debut with Whip It! (currently in post-production and set for a release sometime this year) which stars Ellen Page.

Even though this piece of "news" hasn't been confirmed (neither Barrymore nor Summit's reps commented on this story either way), just for discussion's sake lets say it's true she's one of the people being talked to about it - is it a good idea? I don't think so, simply because of her inexperience as a director. Nothing against her as an actress or personally (I actually really like her) but it seems like a strange decision to be considering her as director for the third installment in such a popular, high profile entity like Twilight.

Who knows, maybe Summit got a look at Whip It! and was impressed enough to at least be interested in her (perhaps her style is what they are looking to achieve with the third Twilight movie). Or it could just simply be a rumor, although the "no comment" mentality of the reps of both Barrymore and Summit could give the story at least some credence.

On a Twilight-related note, it has been confirmed that even though New Moon is to be released in November this year and Eclipse in June 2010, they will not be filmed at the same time (like such franchises as The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean) as you may have thought.

For some reason they are awful keen to get these Twilight movies made and released as soon as possible - what the hell is the damn hurry?

So if this story is true does the notion of Barrymore possibly directing the third Twilight movie sound like a good idea? Or should they go with a more experienced director?

Eclipse is scheduled to be released on June 30th 2010.

Source: EW

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