'Dredd' Animated Miniseries 'Superfiend': First Look Images & Poster

Dredd Miniseries 'Superfiend' Images and Poster

A few weeks back during New York Comic-Con, we hosted a panel for producer Adi Shankar, the man behind such films as The Grey, Machine Gun Preacher, Lone Surivor and of course, Dredd. During that panel, Shankar premiered a new entry from another venture he's well-known for - the "Bootleg Universe" - which has brought us such unofficial fan-films as Punisher "Dirty Laundry" and Venom "Truth In Journalism."

During our NYCC panel with Shankar, we got a first look at footage from Superfiend, the new Dredd miniseries - an animated miniseries at that - which looks at the origins of comic book fan-favorite characters The Dark Judges - including Judge Death, who is featured in today's poster and first-look images for Superfiend.

Dredd Miniseries - Superfiend- Judge Death Dentist Origin
Dredd Miniseries - Superfiend- Dredd Aprehends Rico
Dredd Miniseries - Superfiend- Obese Mega City One residents
Dredd Miniseries - Superfiend- Dredd Hunt for Rico
Dredd Miniseries - Superfiend- Judge Death Dad Execution
Dredd Miniseries 'Superfiend' Poster

Collider got the exclusive debut of the Superfiend image gallery; the stills definitely reflect the animation style of the miniseries, which (having seen it in motion) is best compared to the surreal and satirical offerings of something like MTV's '90s animation variety show, Liquid Television. It not only incorporates the animation style seen above, but also other visual styles, such as CGI (for a vehicular chase sequence we saw, for example).

The images confirm that Judge Dredd himself will appear in the miniseries; it was a lingering question whether Dredd (or other characters from either the reboot film or the 2000 A.D. source material) would in fact be a part of this. With Dredd 2 still in limbo for the time being, Shankar and his bootleg universe are the only way that the growing collection of fans of the Dredd reboot will get more of this universe - albeit, in a different way.

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According to Collider, the teaser trailer for Superfiend will premiere on Wednesday; the full trailer on Thursday; and the miniseries will be released online, for free, on Monday, October 27th.

Source: Collider

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