Producer: 'Dredd 2' Conversations Happening But No Script

Though 'conversations' are happening, producer Adi Shankar explains why 'Dredd 2' isn't likely to be made anytime soon.

Judge Dredd 2 Sequel Update

Dredd (2012) might not have been a huge box office hit, but its popularity among those who did watch it has provided it with something of a cult status.

And though fans of the film are continuing to clamor for a Dredd 2, the film is still a long ways off according to producer Adi Shankar. In a recent interview, Shankar confirmed Karl Urban's recent assessment that "conversations are happening" around the film, but was quick to point out that those conversations don't mean a sequel is forthcoming.

Speaking with Dweebcast, the producer said there was still no script for the project and that because the first film was produced independently with a different distributor for every market, getting any traction has been difficult.

So, to make a long story short, fans shouldn't hold their breath to see Urban don the famous helmet. As much as we'd like to believe in a Field of Dreams scenario (if we want it, the movie will come), the truth is far more complex. Such is the nature of Hollywood, particularly when you're dealing with independent financing and distribution for any movie that costs more than a few million dollars.

Dredd Movie Sequel Short Film

Now, it is still possible that we might see a Dredd short film. That's something that Shankar talked about over a year ago when Dredd first started taking off on DVD, but hasn't been brought up much since.

In his "bootleg" series of short films, Shankar has found success focusing on some of the harder-edged characters in comic books, whether it's The Punisher or Venom. Perhaps that could be the best route - at least for now - to see more of Mega-City One.

After all, as Shankar told Screen Rant (and reiterated to Dweebcast), web content and other non-traditional media distribution is only growing in popularity.

Today, with the click of a button, you basically have everything that was ever made available to you, within reason. In five years, you are literally going to have everything that was ever made available to you with the click of a button.

Maybe the best we can currently hope for is to "click" our way to a cool Dredd short online.

What do you think of this news? Are you still holding out hope that a Dredd sequel could happen? Let us know in the comments.


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Source: Dweebcast

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