Dredd 2: Karl Urban Wants Netflix or Amazon to Make the Sequel

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Following the release of the now modern cult-classic 2012 comic book movie adaptation that is Dredd, many fans of the original anthology comic book series 2000 AD, from which the eponymous character originated in the 1970s, have been awaiting a sequel. Written by Alex Garland (Ex Machina) with Karl Urban (who returns as Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy in Star Trek Beyond later this year) in the starring role, Dredd suffered from a low box office turnout, making the prospect for Dredd 2 highly susceptible to chance. However, that hasn't stopped executive producer Adi Shankar from lobbying in support of its production.

Despite the obvious enthusiasm for Dredd 2 from Shankar and fans of Dredd, Garland doesn't think the sequel will ever happen at this point - prompting the recent grassroots petition online to seek funding for the production from various streaming platforms, including Netflix and Amazon. On that note, the latest news has it that Dredd's star is likewise onboard with the move to an Internet-based studio in order to seek financial backing.

As revealed via a message posted to Urban's verified Twitter account, the actor who brought comic book character Judge Dredd to life on the big screen in 2012 is more than eager to make Dredd 2 for Netflix or Amazon. Responding to a recently posted bit of fan art shared by Dredd super-fan SteJay, featuring a full plot description and image for an imaginary Netflix Original sporting the log line, "You can never escape the Law," Urban states that, "I'd do it...There's a gold mine of awesome Mega City 1 stories!" You can check out the original Twitter post from Urban below:

Dredd 2 : I'd do it !! @netflix or @Amazon . There's a gold mine of Awesome Mega city 1 stories !

— Karl Urban (@KarlUrban) April 21, 2016


Urban certainly seems more than excited by the prospect of returning to the world of vigilante justice once more, provided Netflix or Amazon take him up on the offer - though it remains uncertain who else from the original Dredd cast and crew would be willing and/or able to return if the production were to be picked up by either studio. It's also worth noting that the original fan petition for Dredd 2 saw fit to court the likes of HBO, meaning that Urban might want to make another appeal in consideration of various premium cable networks (in addition to the two previously cited streaming services).

It would undoubtedly be exciting to see Dredd 2 finally get off the ground, though the long journey towards securing financial backing and a distributor for the production remains out of reach, for now. Until more news surfaces regarding the fate of the fervently hoped for sequel, fans of the original film from 2012 will just have to keep up the good fight in the hopes that some studio executive takes notice and decides to back the cult-hit franchise sequel.

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