'Dredd 2': Karl Urban Says Filmmakers Working 'Very, Very Hard' To Make It Happen

Judge Dredd comic book movie reboot Dredd wasn't a hit the box office, with a worldwide gross that fell below its $50 million budget, but then its strong DVD and Blu-ray sales renewed fans' hopes that a sequel to the film could happen.

Over the year or so since then, star Karl Urban has continue to provide update after update, but with little actual progress to report. If nothing else, though, it's been comforting for the Judge's fanbase to hear that Dredd 2 is still being discussed by studio folk, regardless of how much closer (or not) it is to actually being made.

As you can see in the above video, Urban has once again provide some words of encouragement for Dredd fans to keep the faith alive. He not only offers his assurance that he and select filmmakers behind the first installment - screenwriter Alex Garland to be exact - are working "very, very hard" to make Dredd 2 a reality, but that the ongoing fan campaign is, in fact, making a difference on that front.

Meanwhile, the Urban-based iteration of the Judge continues to live on in comic book form. A graphic novel sequel to the Dredd movie, titled Underbelly, has already been put together and sold out during its first U.S. release earlier on in 2014. THR, reporting on the Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle, Washington, this past March, confirmed that a second comic book series set in the Dredd movie-verse (called Unprise) will begin in the Judge Dredd Magazine series this July.

Karl Urban working very hard to make Dredd 2

Pop comic book movie franchises (and the filmmakers who are behind them) have been continuously upping their game, in order to stay relevant and evolve in the genre's post-Avengers and Dark Knight trilogy era. If Dredd 2 ever does manage to get green-lit, the plan is for it to follow that trend, as Gardland has voiced his interest in bringing the Dark Judges from the Judge Dredd comic-verse to the big screen in the sequel... and maybe beyond to a trilogy. (One pipe dream at a time, though...)

Such a move would not only broaden the scope of the Dredd universe, but it could also expand the series' reach to encompass different genre territory - like how Captain America: The Winter Soldier has moved that Marvel Superhero property into political thriller turf. So, again, here's to hoping fans' wishes actually come true (knock on wood).


We'll keep you updated on Dredd 2 as development continues (or, rather, as Karl Urban continues to talk about it).

Source: THR

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