10 DreamWorks Logic Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

DreamWorks is famous for the Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, and Madagascar franchises. They've also produced memorable favorites The Croods, Shark Tale, Over The Hedge, and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, to name a few.

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Avid viewers recollect these movies with nostalgia, no doubt laughing over certain scenes (like Donkey telling Shrek "Shrek, I'm looking down!") and then referencing them in everyday conversation.

DreamWorks tends to skew its logic from time to time--like how could Donkey and Dragon have children!? That said, here are 10 DreamWorks logic memes that are just too hilarious for words.

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10 Po's Ineffective Solution

Po's not the brightest, we'll be honest. Kung Fu Panda's protagonist's strengths lay in his heart, kindness, and comical affinity for food. According to Po's logic and, by extension DreamWorksthe best way to put out a fire on your hand is to burn your mouth beyond oblivion and avoid all nearby water sources.

Note to self: Don't let Po or anyone from DreamWorks come in the classroom for fire safety lessons.

9 Daddy Issues Galore

Did you ever notice this recurring theme in the films produced by DreamWorks? Several characters appear to have issues with their fathers. Granted, they vary in degree and circumstance, but to a certain extent, they affect the characters' lives, shaping their personalities and somewhat influencing their life choices (especially in Kung Fu Panda).

Regardless, according to DreamWorks logic, daddy issues are inevitable and are integral to character development.

8 Fellas...

This meme has a fair point. Which is it? The meaning certainly changes depending upon the title's framing. Perhaps it's intentional on the part of DreamWorksit could be they purposely leave the interpretation up to audiences or to simply make viewers want to garner more attention about the film.

Whatever the reason, we can safely assume DreamWorks has some kind of logic behind this particular film title for Madagascar's sequel. It is just up to us to decipher what that logic is.

7 Inter-Species Romance

This theme is definitely one of the easier to catch in DreamWorks pictures. We wonder what they could possibly have in common; nonetheless, these characters seem to make it work.

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If nothing else, it makes for an interesting love life. Keeping the spark alive certainly doesn't seem too hard, but it could also mean frequent clashes among these inter-species couples. Nonetheless, we'll appreciate these DreamWorks pairings and wish them all the best.

6 Can I Copy Your Homework?

This is just too funny. We waited thirteen years for a sequel to Finding Nemo and we were handed Shark Tale in between. While both Finding Nemo and Shark Tale were fun movies, they also shared a great deal in common when it comes to setting, plot line, and even characters (think Dory vs. Lenny).

As DreamWorks presumably had Shark Tale in production before Finding Nemo hit the scene, we'll let these similarities slide. Anyway, Shark Tale does not benefit from being compared to Pixar's masterpiece.

5 Toothless You're Doing It Wrong

We love Toothless. Yet the poor dragon has got the wrong name. While it's adorable, it's also completely off. Hello, he's got plenty of razor-sharp teeth!

The logic behind his name is obviously for comedic purposes, but still. Is Toothless really doing something wrong, or is it just his name that's wrong? You decide.

4 Sebastian The Whale Washing Dolphin

Even as kids, we thought they were joking. We obviously knew Sebastian was really Lenny in a poorly thought-out disguise, and not just because we'd watched it happen onscreen. We made fun of the other characters for not realizing Sebastian's true identity until he revealed it himself (really, how did his own father not recognize him?).

It would've been just a bit funnier with some more thought put into it, but DreamWorks may have been holding back to keep it easier for kids to follow what was going on.

3 Not Always Just For Children's Movies

Accurate. DreamWorks has plenty of jokes, references and Easter eggs aimed at adult humor. Kids seem to be oblivious for the most part until they get older and see their favorite childhood movies in a new light. It's part of what makes watching the same movie fifty times over bearable for parents, which DreamWorks seems to understand.

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Shrek, in particular, has plenty of adult jokes hidden within. Next time you're watching a DreamWorks movie, keep a close eye out for that adult humor...your childhood will never be the same.

2 These Two Should Not Have Been Able To Have Kids

We mostly think nothing of the inter-species pairings...until they reproduce. Really, we love the idea of Dragon and Donkey, they're adorable together and we could see their chemistry in the first Shrek film.

Yet, it should've been impossible for the two to have children. Granted their children are adorable; it seems to be key to why these inter-species relationships work in the first place. We may not totally get the logic behind it, but it works for DreamWorks and their characters.

1 Try Hiding From It In The Tall Dry Grass

This one tops the list for obvious reasons: It's hilarious! Honestly, The Croods is one of DreamWorks' more underappreciated films. It's got a plethora of well-thought-out humor that will keep people laughing for generations to come. This particular example is DreamWorks logic at its best; it's intentional, it's plainly obvious how uneducated the protagonist is (adding to the film's humor), and we all obviously know what's coming next won't be good. It also teaches us a much-needed lesson if you didn't already know fire and tall dry grass don't mix.

We may not always understand DreamWorks logic, but we don't necessarily need to. Sometimes we appreciate it, and sometimes we don't. It just depends on the situation at hand. Nonetheless, it won't influence how much we love their movies. We'll keep watching them until we can recite dialogue word for word.

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