Dream Corp LLC Season 2 Cast & Character Guide


Adult Swim's surrealist workplace comedy Dream Corp LLC has returned for a second season. The mixed media series created by Daniel Stessen and produced by John Krasinski, Stephen Merchant, Kahlea Baldwin and Allyson Seeger is comprised of eleven-minute episodes revolving around a run-down dream analysis center and the patients who, perhaps ill-advisedly, seek treatment there.

During the first, six-episode season of Dream Corp LLC that aired in 2016, a new patient arrived each week and handed their subconsciousness over to Dr. Roberts (Jon Gries) and his mediocre at best, dangerously under-qualified at worst, medical team for analysis. This allowed creator Daniel Stessen to integrate rotoscoping animation to render the dream states of whatever character happens to be in the Dream Corp's care.

Dream Corp LLC season 2 sticks with much the same format, but its increased 14-episode order (and third season renewal) ensure we get more of an in-depth look at the returning cast as well as guest stars that aren't necessarily patients. Here's a rundown of the cast and characters of Dream Corp LLC if tonight's your first time stepping into The Office's demented cousin.

Dream Corp LLC Season 2's Returning Main Cast

Jon Gries as Dr. Roberts: The only actual medical professional on staff is the "brains" behind Dream Corp LLC, Dr. Roberts leads his staff in visiting his patients' dreams and trying to help sort out various issues while simultaneously trying to further his own research through questionable means. Napolean Dynamite alum Jon Gries is no stranger to surrealist projects and he doesn't disappoint as Dream Corp's resident mad scientist/absent-minded professor.

Nick Rutherford as Patient 88: The straight man to Dream Corp's cast of absurd analysts, 88 joined the team in the pilot as a patient who started working at the center after being unable to pay for his treatment. Stessen confirmed to Paste in 2018 that 88 is more or less based on Jim Halpert, so if his place in the office community seems familiar, there's a reason for that. Nick Rutherford is a sketch comedy veteran best known for his work in the web series Crunch Time and various television comedy guest spots.

Stephen Merchant as T.E.R.R.Y.: British comedy legend Stephen Merchant plays Dream Corp's sentient and mischievous robot aide. Basically the only thing that differentiates him from the rest of his co-workers is his inability to leave the building and lack of human appendages. As co-creator and writer on the original Office, his distinctive brand of humor is unmistakable.

Mark Proksch as Randy Blink: Blink helps operate Roberts' complex machinery and pairs that with bitter and hilarious social ineptitude. Proksch's biggest mainstream role today was probably as Daniel Wormald on Better Call Saul, but he's perhaps better known for his extensive comedy resumé including turns on Son of Zorn, The Office and the upcoming What We Do in the Shadows television adaptation.

Ahmed Bharoocha as Ahmed: Randy Blink's opposite, Ahmed is Dream Corp's nurse/anesthetist who's either working or getting high off his own supply or both. His character's responsible for the epic "pickle trip" 88 accidentally gets sent on in the tenth episode of Season 2. Bharoocha's best known for his work as a stand-up comic and sketch performer with the group Dead Kevin.

Dream Corp LLC Season 2's New Cast

Megan Ferguson as Bea: Bea is Dream Corp's eternally optimistic and helpful intern. She's the second intern we've seen, and she replaces the dearly departed Joey (Stephanie Allynne) who fell victim to Dr. Roberts' less than FDA Approved methods in the first season finale. Ferguson's guested on a long list of television shows including Netflix's Easy and The Comedians as well as appearing in Bad Moms.

Dream Corp LLC Season 2's Notable Guest Stars

Maria Bamford in Lady Dynamite

Despite it being a relatively obscure show, Dream Corp LLC season 1 attracted the talents of guest stars including June Squibb, Dave Coulier and Liam Neeson. Luckily, Season 2 is no different. A few visiting characters include Darrell Hammond as Bill Ruff, an erstwhile colleague of Dr. Roberts, Rupert Friend as a patient who loses his memory after treatment and Maria Bamford as Norf Norf, a species of questionable origin who lives in Dream Corp's garbage. Like T.E.R.R.Y., Norf Norf was created with the assistance of Jim Henson's Creature Shop. Jimmi Simpson also guests in the season premiere as a patient who believes he'll die the minute he falls asleep.

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