'Dreadstar' Comic Book TV Series in Development

As the number of superhero films heading for the big screen continues to rise, so has the number of superhero shows on TV. This past season saw no less than five different series grace our screens on a multitude of networks, with many more still in production or development and expected to premiere by the end of this year.

Yet the only new superhero show whose fate remains undecided is NBC's Constantine. There's a rumor that the series could end up moving to sister network Syfy, but for now all fans can do is wait for the final word. In the meantime, however, NBC Universal hasn't lost their passion for the genre, and they're already making plans to bring yet another comic book hero to the small screen.

The Wrap is reporting, Universal Cable Productions and production company Benderspink are teaming up to adapt Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar for TV. Starlin, who is best known for his work on space operas like Captain Marvel, will write as well as executive produce the project. This will be the second project for Benderspink at NBC Universal, which also has comic book Five Ghosts in development at Syfy.

The 64-issue comic book was released on Marvel’s Epic Comics imprint and follows Vanth Dreadstar, the only survivor of the Milky Way galaxy. With the help of his crew, he struggles to end an ancient war between two evil empires: The Church of The Instrumentality, run by the Lord Papal; and the Monarchy, ruled by a puppet king.

Starlin also released a statement showing his support for the news:

“I consider 'Dreadstar; to be an extension of my family, so it took me a while to feel comfortable letting anyone else take care of this project. It has taken some time, but I know I’ve put my trust in the right team, and I’m excited to collaborate with Universal Cable Productions and Benderspink to bring 'Dreadstar’s unique brand of chaos to television.”

Before its release, last year's Guardians of the Galaxy was considered to be a somewhat risky venture for Marvel Studios. With no well-known characters and an otherworldly setting that wasn't Earth, many critics wondered if the film would end up bombing at the box office. Instead, the film went on to became a critical and commercial success, paving the way for similar projects like Dreadstar.

But creating a space opera for the big screen is not the same as creating one for TV. Mainly, there's the budget to consider, which Universal Cable Productions will need to come up with on a weekly basis. It's also unclear which network the project will air on should it get picked up to series, but Syfy or maybe even USA are the likely contenders. Syfy has been interested lately in getting back to more science fiction programming, so this would be a great step in that direction for the cable network.

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Would you be interested in seeing Dreadstar on Syfy, especially if it's penned by Starlin? Let us know in the comments.

Stay tuned for more news on Dreadstar.

Source: The Wrap

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'Dreadstar' Comic Book TV Series in Development