Drake Bell Teases Possible Tim Drake Robin Role

With a cryptic tweet shared to Twitter, actor Drake Bell might be teasing his involvement with DC and the possible inclusion of Robin, the Boy Wonder. After voicing Peter Parker in the animated Ultimate Spider-Man series, is Bell the latest actor to jump from Marvel to DC?

Batman's stalwart sidekick has been absent from DC's recent slate of films, and with no sign of him in the upcoming Justice League, we are still anticipating his (or her) arrival to the DCEU - following the death of an earlier Robin, alluded to during Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. There is still a shroud of mystery surrounding Matt Reeves' The Batman, and it certainly looks like Ben Affleck's grizzled Bruce Wayne could do with a pick-me-up from his colorful second in command.

Bell posted to Twitter with caption "the Boy Wonder?" and also shared Robin's signature logo, before taking it down thereafter. Luckily, fans managed to make a screen grab before it disappeared back into the internet. Comic Book has since commissioned famed fan-artist BossLogic to make fan-art of Bell as the Tim Drake Robin (which you can check out below).

Given the speed with which the tweet was removed, fans have begun speculating that this wasn't just a case of Bell expressing a desire to play the Tim Drake character. Interestingly, Bell shared the Robin logo that is most commonly associated with the Drake era of the character. Given the confirmed death of one Robin prior to the events of Dawn of Justice, the timelines could perfectly marry for the inclusion of Tim Drake in a future DCEU movie. Aged 30, Bell could be slightly too old for the role, but we might alternatively be the perfect age to match with Affleck's older version of the Caped Crusader.

It's also possible that Bell was teasing a potential role as Robin in the upcoming live-action Titans TV series, as opposed to a role in a DCEU movie like The Batman. Promising the first live-action outing of the younger Teen Titans, fans are excitedly awaiting casting news on the project - which is scheduled to start filming this fall. Dick Grayson is already tipped to be the lead in Titans, but it's plausible that Belle simply mixed up his Robins with his reference to Tim Drake here.

Introduced in 1989 and named after director Tim Burton, Drake was the third person to take up the mantle of Robin. Since then, he has had a major part to play in the Young Justice comic book and as a central character in animated The New Batman Adventures. Becoming a fan-favorite in the world of Batman, Drake adopted the new identity of Red Robin in 2009, which is a role that he has continued into 2016's "Rebirth" universe. While Drake has hundreds of stories to tell, he is best-known for his involvement with Teen Titans, which further suggests that Bell could star in the TV series rather than a DCEU blockbuster.

Whether Bell is actually playing Tim Drake or is simply showing an interest (re: pulling a Josh Gad/Penguin on us), he would certainly be a dark horse choice to play the Boy Wonder. With DC expected to make some huge announcements at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con, we probably won't have too long to wait to find out more.

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Source: Twitter, Comic Book

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