What Drake Bell Could Look Like as Nightwing

After a short stint as a possible Tim Drake for a live-action Batman outing, is Drake Bell actually suiting up to play Dick Grayson's Nightwing when Robin comes to our screens once more? Even if Bell isn't dressing in Grayson's superhero suit, we have a first look at what the actor could look like if he had been practicing his acrobatics after class.

Following on from the first cryptic tweet - and an even more confusing follow-up - it looks like the Drake & Josh actor really does want to play Nightwing in some form of DC movie/TV show. While we still don't know whether Bell could be referring to the upcoming Titans TV show or the silver screen in the DC Extended Universe, the rumor mill is still turning full speed on this one.

After already seeing Bell try on the Tim Drake costume for size, acclaimed fan artist BossLogic has once again taken to the internet to give us an impression of what the 31-year-old could look like as the other former Robin. Shared by Comic Book, we see the image of Bell sporting Nightwing's signature black lycra and Escrima sticks. Looking at the rendition, it is hard to argue that Bell wouldn't look great in the part. However, if the recent Josh Gad/Penguin teasing has taught us anything, actors are great at punking their fans.

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We do already know that Dick Grayson's Nightwing will lead the live-action Titans, so if Bell isn't playing Tim Drake, he is almost certainly playing the first of the Robins. Introduced back in 1940, Grayson is probably the most famous of Batman's spandex-wearing sidekicks and had a tenure of 43 years as the Boy/Teen Wonder. Leaving the Batcave to usher in some younger blood - Jason Todd - Grayson then took on his own vigilante persona away from the Dark Knight's wings to become known as Nightwing. Even across the various reboots and rebirths, Grayson has maintained his Nightwing moniker to become a fan-favorite staple of DC's comic books.

Starting out on Nickelodeon's The Amanda Show, Bell has since grown to voice parts in the like of Fairly Odd Parents and the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, but is he really playing a live-action version of Robin? With Young Justice season 3 already on the way, Bell's voice-acting resume could be teeing him up to simply voice the part of Nightwing in another animated cartoon. Although Bell hasn't quite made the move over from Marvel to DC just yet, it certainly looks like he is eying one up in the very near future!

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Source: Comic Book

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