Drake Bell Teases Possible Nightwing Role

With a number of upcoming DC Comics projects introducing a live-action version of Nightwing, actor Drake Bell continues to hint that he may be one of them. Over the next few years, the Batman family is going to grow a great deal on both TV and in cinemas. Aside from FOX's Gotham, DC's new streaming service will see the return of Young Justice and the premiere of Titans. The former will continue to feature a number of Robins, while the latter will most likely feature Dick Grayson in his Nightwing guise. On top of that, both Nightwing and Batgirl will be joining the DCEU over the coming years.

For fans of Dick Grayson, both the Nightwing solo movie and Titans will be a big deal. The character has appeared in movies before, but never under his Nightwing persona, which he takes on after striking out on his own after years of being Robin. Both projects have led to fans speculating about who could play the hero, with names like Steve Yeun and Dave Franco thrown out for the film. This weekend also brought with it a mysterious mention of the Tim Drake Robin by actor Drake Bell, leading to speculation that he could either be in Titans or that he's the DCEU's current Robin. Now, another wrinkle has been added.

Drake Bell took to Twitter earlier today to share to pictograms he made. The first points at Dick Grayson, with the second clearly referencing Nightwing. Check them out:

— Drake Bell (@DrakeBell) June 26, 2017

— Drake Bell (@DrakeBell) June 26, 2017

While this seems to conflict with the former rumor regarding the actor as Tim Drake, that theory was merely based on Bell sharing a certain Robin logo and fans running with it. The actor eventually removed the tweet, either because he'd made a mistake or because he wanted to wait for today's reveal. With the two tweets today, it's clear which character Bell is hinting at, but not which project.

The casting breakdown for Titans seems to point towards Dick Grayson's involvement, but its vague nature makes things uncertain. Meanwhile, no word has arrived regarding the Nightwing movie since the project was first announced. Given the DCEU's production slate, it's unknown how long it will be until the film emerges. That said, a recent rumor has suggesed Warner Bros. will be ramping up its output. It's even possible that Bell will cameo in the role for Justice League first.

Given Bell's usual casting, however, the TV side of things seems more likely. Then again, with Titanfilming in September, it could be that Bell has merely auditioned for the role and nothing has been cast yet. Whether the tease is for Nightwing or Titans, we should know more soon.

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