New Dragonball Movie Footage Leads To Slight Optimism

There's all sorts of news buzzing about Dragonball Evolution.  First, there's the release of clips of the dragon that appears to be Shenron.  Although there is no indication in the clip that the dragon is in fact Shenron, if you followed the cartoon Shenron was the dragon that was summoned once all the dragonballs were collected on Earth and can grant one wish to the summoner.

Until I saw these clips of from the movie I was pretty sure it was going to look like something a bored high school student did for their art school application project.  It goes without saying that all the footage released until now left me anticipating something worse than the love child of Speed Racer and The Goonies sequel.

To see the dragon clip, head over to

In addition, the French trailer for the film was also released.  I suppose the PR people should have put this one out first because it also makes the film seem less terrible.  Perhaps it's because the French language makes things seem infinitely sexier and more sophisticated, but it just might be because the film isn't a total piece of crap.  Amazing.

io9 also reports a more detailed story line for the film via the film's press book:

Goku’s quest – with nothing less than the fate of our world at stake – begins innocently enough in the backyard of his grandfather’s home, where Gohan is training the young man in some exotic martial arts moves. It is Goku’s 18th birthday, and Gohan’s gift to his grandson is a Dragonball, a small, round ball whose surface is smooth and pearl-like, but with a milky translucence that gives it depth. Four stars float inside the ball. There are only six others like it in the world, and it is said the seven Dragonballs together will grant the holder one perfect wish.Connected to the legend of the Dragonballs is Goku’s own mysterious past – he never knew his parents – as well as the coming solar eclipse, which superstitions mark as a sign of a coming apocalypse. Gohan promises to reveal all to Goku at the special birthday dinner Gohan is preparing for his grandson.

But Goku skips out on Gohan’s feast, to attend a party hosted by Chi Chi, a fellow student to whom Goku is drawn. As the two teens get to know one another, a tragedy at home is triggered by the arrival of a dark force – propelling Goku, Roshi, Bulma, Yamcha and Chi Chi into a race to collect all seven Dragonballs. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Goku will face the deadliest enemies on Earth, master a powerful force called Ki, which marshals the energy of the universe – and learn the truth of his incredible past…and of a potentially unthinkable future....

One of the first steps in Goku’s journey is to seek out Roshi, an elderly Master who completes Goku’s training, helps him unlock the secret of his past – and joins him in a quest to save the world. Roshi is unlike any Eastern Master you’ve seen before; he has an eye for the ladies and favors Hawaiian shirts....

The burgeoning relationship between Chi Chi and Goku comes from, in part, them being kindred spirits. “Chi Chi is drawn to Goku’s secret ability to fight,” says Chung. “She feels there’s something really special about Goku, and she’s able to bring that out in him.”

Another beautiful young woman joining Goku in his quest is Bulma, a scientist described in the manga as the “smartest girl in the world.” The film retains the manga character’s confidence, intensity and intelligence – and the fact that she knows exactly what she wants. And what Bulma wants is the Dragonball stolen from her father’s company. Wielding a laser-guided, high-tech magnum pistol and a Dragonball-tracker, Bulma will do anything to retrieve the five-starred Dragonball, which she thinks will supply an unlimited source of energy – and immense financial rewards.

In their search for the Dragonballs, Goku, Roshi and Bulma face their adversary, Lord Piccolo... Working with Piccolo is Mai, an exotic beauty tainted by malevolence. Her weapons of choice are throwing knives known as shiruken.

Finally, here's the latest U.S. trailer for the film, which looks almost identical to the French version:

After reading all that and seeing the new clips I am less apprehensive about the fact that this movie might be a total disaster.  It's really starting to take shape and look like it has the ability to be a Hollywood blockbuster instead of a total dud.


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