Five New Character-Centric TV Spots For 'Dragonball'

The footage we've seen of the cartoon-to-movie adaptation known as Dragonball (they dropped the "Evolution" part, in case you're wondering) has been less than satisfactory to say the least. No one is expecting Shakespeare from this thing, but by the looks of a couple of the trailers, it almost seems like a joke or spoof of some kind.

I will admit that some of the action sequences haven't looked completely terrible, but every time we hear a piece of dialogue a cringing feeling is induced. It seems like the people behind this adaptation have gotten it all wrong: they've apparently changed certain aspects which have, and will continue to, cause fans of the original cartoon to get extremely annoyed, but at the same time the changes they've made don't seem to be in the best interest of appealing to those who have barely even heard of the cartoon, much less actually watched it.

The footage we've seen has been mostly concentrated on the action and the special effects which is understandable since if there's anything that the general, unknowing movie going audience is going to see it for, it's for those aspects alone.

Well, for anyone more interested in the individual characters that make up the movie, today we have five new TV spots that each concentrate on a specific character: Goku, Lordi Piccolo, Bulma, Roshi and Chi Chi, respectively. Check out all five of them below:

Since the TV spots aren't terribly lengthy, it's hard to judge whether or not they make the movie look any worse or any better. It's certainly still got the cheesiness factor fully on display (I really hope it works within the context of the movie), but nonetheless it's cool to see each of the characters individually... I suppose.

If I were to bet on it I'd say this will probably turn out to be pretty awful, but as they say, never judge something completely until you've actually seen it for yourself. I'm not going to completely bash a movie I haven't seen, but simply going by the footage we've seen so far (including these five TV spots), it's not looking too promising.

What do you make of these new TV spots? Do they make you want to see the movie anymore than you already do, or are they just as awful as some of the stuff we've seen so far?

Dragonball is scheduled to be released on April 8th this year.


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