15 Dragon-Type Pokemon That Are Surprisingly Worthless

Dragon Pokemon are thought of as mythical beasts, and many of them deserve that reputation. These Dragon-types definitely don't.

Pokemon Gabite

Let's face it, there are relatively few Pokemon in the game that are really worth trying to catch, train, evolve, and nurture. If you're a Pokemon purist, you live by the idea of "You gotta catch 'em all!" but with over 800 different Pokemon in the latest iterations of the game, how realistic is that really?

That's why many people focus solely on catching the coolest types of Pokemon, along with the rarest types. One of these legendary types has to be dragon Pokemon. Dragons are revered in cultures around the world and they are one of the mythical beasts just about everyone in the world wishes existed at some point.

But as with everything in life, there are good and bad dragon Pokemon. Some are badasses who wreck their opponents on the battlefield, and others are simply good for nothing. In this piece, we will be looking at 15 Dragon-Type Pokemon That Are Surprisingly Worthless.

15 Exeggutor

Alola Exeggutor Variation

Bet you had no idea that this Pokemon is considered a dragon-type. We didn't either until we looked up the most recent version of the Pokedex where we found out that Exeggutor actually has a rare, offshoot breed called the "Alolan Exeggutor" that is part dragon.

You probably didn't know that because no one would waste their time catching this lame Pokemon and doing all of the things necessary in order to obtain it. Originating in the Safari Zone, Exeggutor is one of the most difficult Pokemon to capture, and once you catch it, what does owning it grant you? A bunch of pretty lame attack moves, unimpressive stats, and a Pokemon that looks as dumb as it is.

You'd be better off trying to capture a real dragon Pokemon rather than going through all the trouble to evolve an Exeggute into the Alolan Exeggutor. Sure, it's rare, but this is a rarity that is valueless.

14 Dratini

Dratini Pokemon

Sure, Dratini is cute. In fact, it's one of the cutest Pokemon of the original 150, and looking at Dratini would bring a smile to even the most hardened person's face. Its big eyes and adorable little nose are things that anyone looking to own a cute Pokemon would want.

Unfortunately, Dratini doesn't boast any impressive stats at all. It is very middle-of-the-road in terms of hit points, attack, speed, defense, you name it. Nothing about this Pokemon stands out, and amongst a very competitive field of over 800 Pokemon, you might be better suited looking elsewhere for a Pokemon that can serve you well in battle.

Even the moves Dratini learns aren't that impressive. Topping the list is Leer and Wrap. Sheesh, someone could have done this poor Pokemon a favor by giving it something impressive. As it stands, Dratini is one of the most underwhelming dragon Pokemon in the world.

13 Dragonair

Pokemon Dragonair

Things don't get much better for Dratini's next step in the evolutionary chart. Dragonair just seems like a bigger Dratini with a necklace on. You wouldn't be wrong in assuming that, because essentially, it's true.

For a Pokemon that is heralded as mythical and legendary, Dragonair also doesn't really have any kind of special stats that would jump out at you. Once again, they are all pretty middle-of-the-road. Its learned ability of "Shed Skin" doesn't sound too intimidating, and just looking at this Pokemon will let you know that it's a huge push over.

The real value of Dratini and Dragonair come from the fact that they evolve into the awesome Dragonite, who doesn't even look like it's from the same family as these Pokemon. Perhaps Dragonite wants to distance itself from its rather underwhelming previous evolutions. With good reason! We wouldn't want to be associated with those two adorable losers.

12 Vibrava

Pokemon Vibrava

The Pokedex simply defines Vibrava as a "Vibration Pokemon." That might sound useful for some, but in the heat of an intense Pokemon battle, the last thing you want to send out there is a Pokemon who is known only for its vibrations. You want something that is fierce and intimidating, not a bug that can shake really fast.

Add in the fact that Vibrava can only really learn one dragon-type move and you have a dragon Pokemon that shouldn't even really be considered a dragon Pokemon at all. It's a bug-looking thing that learns a ton of ground and rock moves, yet somehow, it's considered a dragon?

No matter how high its attack and speed stats might be - and they are reasonably high - this Pokemon doesn't actually learn enough dragon moves in order to be even considered valuable for anyone looking to stock up on dragon Pokemon.

11 Bagon

Pokemon Bagon

Remember when you'd call someone who was stupid a "rock head"? It means they have nothing in their head except rocks. Well, Bagon is known as The Rock Head Pokemon. Not a good start.

Add in the fact that one of its learned abilities is also called "Rock Head" and you start to see a trend. Sure, having a rock for a head sounds useful for battle, but you know what else is useful? Being able to think. If you need evidence of this Pokemon's inability to think clearly, consider what the Pokedex says about it: "In doomed efforts to fly, this Pokemon hurls itself off cliffs." It wants to fly so bad that it just jumps off cliffs, and as an evolutionary trait, its head has had to become hardened.

Some Pokedex entries says that Bagon gets so mad that it can't fly that it bashes its head into rocks.

That's insanely stupid. Just accept that you can't fly, Bagon and maybe you'll be of some use to someone.

10 Shelgon

Shelgon Pokemon

Bagon evolves into Shelgon, and much like Dratini and Dragonair, this evolution proves pretty useless. Shelgon is basically covered in a hard shell, making its defensive stats pretty high. But as a trade-off for superior defensive ability, Shelgon sacrifices speed, thus making it slow and sluggish.

Maybe Bagon evolves into this Pokemon because it simply can't survive all of that self-inflicting cliff jumping and head smashing, and needs to gain a hard outer shell. Think about that. This Pokemon is so dumb that it needs to gain a hard shell in order to protect itself from itself.

Add in the fact that this Pokemon only learns two dragon-type moves and you've got a recipe for a pretty worthless dragon Pokemon. Though the next step in its evolution is pretty rad, it doesn't come until level 50, and by that point you will have moved on to better and cooler Pokemon.

9 Gabite

Pokemon Gabite

First things first, we will admit that this Pokemon has high stats for speed and attack, which are imperative in the Pokemon battle arenas. Credit where credit is due. Gabite also learns a diverse set of attacks and moves, with a healthy mix of ground, rock, and dragon type attacks that are quite formidable.

But when you look closer at this Pokemon, and what the Pokedex says about it, it is very worrisome. The Pokedex describes Gabite basically as a hoarder. In fact, nearly every entry in the Pokedex from each version of the game uses the word "hoards" when talking about its obsession with collecting gems. It also says, "It loves sparkly things," which makes it sound a troll or Gollum. It also says that shiny things are Gabite's "passion," so if you throw this Pokemon out to do battle, make sure no one is wearing jewelry around it-- otherwise you'll have one very distracted Pokemon.

No one wants to be around a hoarder, and this Pokemon sounds like it should have an intervention instead of a Pokemon trainer.

8 Fraxure

Pokemon Fraxure

Okay first of all, what's with the name? Fraxure is the least veiled attempt at the word "fracture." It feels like the creators of this Pokemon aren't even trying, if this is the best they could come up with.

Secondly, it looks like this Pokemon took a bite out of an airplane and the wings somehow got affixed to the sides of its mouth. What the hell even are those things? The Pokedex says that they are tusks, but who is buying that? No tusks have ever looked like that in the history of any living being.

Admittedly, this Pokemon's attack stats are off the charts, but it doesn't learn any substantial dragon-type moves until much later levels, so you'll have to wait around for that, which is a huge bummer. If you have patience though, Fraxure evolves into a pretty awesome dragon Pokemon, but you need to wait until level 48, and who has time for that?

7 Goomy

Pokemon Goomy

How can you say that this thing is a dragon? How could this glob of mush be considered a dragon-type Pokemon? It looks like an amoeba and is known in the Pokedex as a "Soft Tissue Pokemon." Its three abilities are "Hydration," "Sap Sipper," and "Gooey." Is anyone intimidated by these moves at all?

Statistically, the only thing impressive about Goomy is its special defense. Everything else sucks. If you don't believe us when we say that this Pokemon is worthless, take it from the Omega Ruby Pokedex entry about Goomy: "The weakest Dragon-type Pokémon, it lives in damp, shady places, so its body doesn’t dry out."

How pathetic is that? The Moon Pokedex states that anyone who touches this Pokemon needs to wash their hands throughly. The worst part of all of this? Goomy doesn't evolve until level 40! Goomy is legitimately a little ball of snot that you need to nurture until level 40 before you can get any semblance of use out of it.

6 Noibat

Noibat Pokemon

Looking at Noibat's statistics will cause you worry. It simply is too weak to even think about including in your lineup. This Pokemon is known for producing prodigious sound waves that can cause confusion and bewilderment, and that's about the only thing to Noibat.

Everything after that is unimpressive. It's a relatively new addition to the Pokemon world, and it makes us wonder, why did they even bother? Though it is considered a dragon Pokemon, Noibat learns no dragon moves, and the moves that it does learn aren't anything to write home about. Seems like a lot of wasted effort on their part when they could have made an even more awesome Pokemon. We've already got Zubat filling our "Worthless bat Pokemon" role.

Its abilities are "Frisk," which doesn't sound too bad, and "Infiltrator." Is this a Pokemon we are talking about or is it the cops? Surprisingly, it doesn't learn an ability called "Arrest" or "Book 'em Dan-o."

5 Jangmo-o

Pokemon Jangmo-o

This is yet another Pokemon that uses its own head as a battering ram in order to attack its opponents. Hey, Jangmo-o, ever heard of concussions and CTE? That stuff is dangerous dude, you should really lay off the head trauma. Ask any retired NFL player, they'll tell you all about it.

This Pokemon's stats are disappointing. Its best statistical attribute is its defensive skills, which are all but worthless when you're in a fierce fight. What good is defense when you've got no offense? Additionally, this Pokemon is known in the Pokedex as a "Scaly Pokemon." Get some lotion, Jangmo-o. No one likes being scaly.

Furthermore, the Pokedex says that this Pokemon routinely turns its back on its opponent, and that's a sign of being a "valiant warrior." Sure, how about you turn your back on your opponent in the middle of a fight and see how well that works out for you? Next thing you know, you're getting sucker punched in the back of the head because you're trying to be like Jangmo-o.

4 Altaria

Altaria Pokemon

Altaria is described as the "Humming Pokemon." Now think about the person in your office who is constantly humming and how annoying that is. That's what this Pokemon is and it looks even dumber than that person in your office. It has clouds for wings and is said to hum in a soprano voice. That has to be piercing to the ears.

Plus, don't we already have enough with the musical Pokemon? Jigglypuff certainly filled that void that no one wanted in the first place. And Jigglypuff actually has the decency to sing. Altaria just hums? Get a freakin' voice, Altaria! Then maybe we'll consider we'll for our musical Pokemon party. Until then you're just a weirdo who looks like a cloud.

Insanely, the makers of Pokemon gave this dork a Mega-Evolution. Why? Why bother making a Mega-Evolution when no one wants Altaria in the first place? Don't even get us started on its stats. This is another Pokemon whose only redeemable quality is the fact that it has high special defense stats, which we already deemed worthless.

3 Drampa

Drampa Pokemon

Drampa is too bubbly and weird looking to fit in with all the rest of the Pokemon, so it lives alone in mountains that are above 10,000 feet above sea level. Drampa knows how worthless it is and doesn't want to burden anyone on the ground with its worthlessness.

The Pokedex entries for this Pokemon mention that it loves children dearly, which is great and all, but we are trying to catch Pokemon that are formidable on the field of battle. We have gym leaders to beat, and reputations to destroy. Maybe this Pokemon would be useful if you were looking for a babysitter to stay with your kids while you go out and duke it out with some gym leaders, but otherwise don't even bother with this waste of space.

Drampa literally learns a move called "Play Nice." Play nice?! Sorry Drampa, but you have got to be one of the lamest dragon Pokemon ever created. Do yourself a favor and relinquish your dragon title to Charizard. He certainly deserves it more than you.

2 Deino

Deino Pokemon

This Pokemon looks like it should have been in The Beatles or something. Deino has yet to grow out of the shaggy-hair phase of its life and that is all you need to know about where this Pokemon stands amongst the others.

All of its stats and metrics are well below similar Pokemon, though its best statistical category is attack, thank goodness. But because of this Pokemon's long hair, it can't really see. The Pokedex states, "They cannot see, so they tackle and bite to learn about their surroundings. Their bodies are covered in wounds." Great, a Pokemon that wounds itself all the time. Just what you need in your lineup.

What's worse is it takes until level 50 for Deino to evolve, and it evolves into simply a two-headed version of itself, which was already worthless. Deino is described as an irate Pokemon, and you would be irate too if you were constantly bumping into things and ruining your entire body. Just skip this one, trust us.

1 Latias

Latias Pokemon

Latias is considered a dragon Pokemon for some reason despite it not looking at all like a dragon and learning a total of two dragon moves. The rest of the time, this Pokemon utilizes psychic attacks, and its stats reflect that as its specialty. High in special attack and special defense, Latias isn't completely worthless in a fight.

Unfortunately, this is about the most useless Dragon Pokemon, and since Latias only learns two dragon moves, that would make it a worthless dragon Pokemon. It's a quite handy psychic Pokemon, so if that's something you fancy, Latias is a pretty stellar option. But if you're looking to collect dragons, you can do a lot better than this one.

Did you know that Gyrados isn't considered a Dragon Pokemon, but Latias is? What a crime against the idea of dragons. Gyrados has the prototypical dragon shape and look, but that honor is bestowed upon Latias? That's some serious injustice.


Which Dragon Pokemon do you think is the most useless? Let us know in the comments!

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