Dragon Quest XI Guide: Tips For Accessing End Game Content

How To Reach Max Level Quickly in Dragon Quest XI

The post-game of Dragon Quest XI will allow the Luminary and companions to level all the way up to 99. The good news is that the post-game has added even more quests and missions that will help players reach that goal.

First up, there are many new quests spread throughout the world. Visit each location and find those purple speech bubbles to gain items that could eventually help the Luminary take on the Dark One. Although these quests are optional, they will take the Luminary to areas with lots of monsters to battle, which will help with leveling up.

The next order of business is visiting Nautica. The mermaid queen will give the Luminary a task to defeat a monster threatening her kingdom. Once that is complete, she offers him The Sea Queen’s Conch Shell. This shell, which the player can use anywhere, will tell the Luminary about other more significant missions that include defeating high-level creatures that will help everyone level up.

Also, remember all those people the Luminary helped before? Well, the timeline got reset, and they need help again. So be sure to visit the Viking hideout to save Erik’s sister. And make sure that Sylvando goes to Puerto Valor so that he can make amends with his father. The tortured soul of the Luminary’s father is still suffering beneath Dundrasil. Kai is missing from Lonalulu once again. The Red Dragon on Mount Huji also needs tackling again. Gemma is waiting in Cobblestone for the Luminary: be sure to visit her because she has three specific tasks for him. Also, be sure to give Jade and her father, King Carnelian, some time to reunite.

Meanwhile, Gondolia has become overrun with ten monsters that need defeating to reset the town back to normal. Phnom Noh has a monster that is abducting children. Sniflheim has a dragon problem. There are also many more mini-medals to collect and exchange for items. In Agri-La, the Luminary can take on the Wheel of Harma, a set of challenges that will also help strengthen the party for the final battle to come.

The Watchers will tell The Luminary about Drustan’s Labyrinth. Remember the ruins west from the Warrior’s Rest Inn? There was a door there with a strange glowing symbol on it. The Luminary can now access that, which will lead him to the trials. This is one of the best ways to level up within the game, with high-level monsters that are worth a lot of experience. Drustan's Labyrinth is also where the Luminary can get the recipe for the Supreme Sword of Light, another tool in the party’s arsenal to defeat the Dark One.

Craft the Supreme Sword of Light in Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI Supreme Sword of Light

Once the Luminary has the recipe for the Supreme Sword of Light, he will need to jump through some hoops to get the items required to craft it. It requires the following materials: A Sword of Light, a Sword of Kings, Crimsonite, Uber Agate of Evolution and Spectralite. But each of those things is tricky to find, so here’s a guide.

To get the second Sword of Light, the Luminary will have to craft it the same way he did in the alternate timeline. That means he’ll need the Forging Hammer, which he can get by winning every horse race in Gondolia. The sword also requires Orichalcum, which the Luminary can find at the Battleground. Take these items to the Crucible at Mount Huji. The key for that comes from Mika when the Luminary helps her solve her dragon problem (again). Craft the sword.

The Sword of Kings is a little easier to obtain. Visit the man standing in front of the tool shop in Hotto. He will ask for Orichalcum to make the sword. Collect more from the Battleground and give it to him. Wait a few days and purchase the sword from the shop there.

Crimsonite comes from Krystalinda in Sniflheim. All she requires in return is a serpent soul, which can be obtained by defeating serpent monsters. By now, the Luminary should already have an Uber Agate of Evolution and Spectralite.

Before crafting the Supreme Sword of Light, though, be sure that the Luminary has a high forging level. Create the sword and prepare to battle the Dark One once and for all.

Defeat The True Boss of Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI Flying Into Calasmos

Don’t even try to approach the final boss, Calasmos, before all party members are at least level 70 and the Luminary has the Supreme Sword of Light. This sword allows the Luminary to dispel the dark aura surrounding Calasmos. After that, it will take a bit of strategy, a lot of buffing and much healing to take down the Dark One. But know that when the boss goes down, this is the true and final ending to the game. Good job.

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