Dragon Quest XI Guide: Tips For Accessing End Game Content

Dragon Quest XI

The end of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age looks like the end of any other game. In defeating Mordegon, the Luminary saves the world of Erdrea. The end credits roll, and that’s it, right?

Think again. The end of Dragon Quest XI is only the beginning. Anyone familiar with previous Dragon Quest games know better. This is a false ending, and there is so much more to the story after that. There are a host of new quests to take, as well as a completely different new main mission to conquer. This leads to the actual final boss and the game’s true ending.

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So how does a player get to that? Here are some tips on how to access Dragon Quest XI’s post-game content. Please note that the following contains spoilers for Dragon Quest XI.

How to Access The Post Game Content in Dragon Quest XI

After the credits roll, be sure to visit Arboria where the city is celebrating the memory of Veronica. Spend some time there talking to citizens, and once ready, try to leave. A scene will play where Erik suggests checking out something in the ruins south of Octagonia. Note that there are new objective markers on the world map: visit these, but remember to save the ruins for last.

Visit the ruins south of Octagonia. There, find the Wheel of Time. Use Zoom to reach Havens Above. From there, summon Cetacea and guide her to fly the party to the Lost Land, just north of Arboria. Follow the path to the tower and place the Wheel of Time on the door. Enter the tower.

Navigate the tower until the Luminary reaches the Timekeeper. Here, the Luminary learns that it is possible to turn back time and bring back Veronica, along with everyone else who died when Mordegon ruled Erdrea. The Luminary must make a decision: leave the timeline intact or go back in time: all the Luminary’s memories, weapons, armor and items will remain with him (except for the Sword of Light), but everyone else will revert to how they were previously.

When ready, follow the Timekeeper’s instructions to reset the timeline. The Luminary returns to the moment before Mordegon took over the world. Veronica is alive and well, but the party has reverted to its previous stats. Don’t worry, though; they will eventually get their levels back.

Discover the True Dragon Quest XI Boss

With knowledge of what will happen next, the Luminary can now proceed through the First Forest and to the world tree Yggdrasil. Mordegon and his lackeys attack, as he did previously, but the Luminary is now prepared. Defeat Mordegon and change the history of the world. It seems so easy, doesn’t it?

But just as everyone begins celebrating the victory over Mordegon, Erdwin’s Lantern starts to fall from the sky, threatening the world all over again. Remember what happened with it before? Mordegon destroyed it, but Mordegon is now not around to do that. So guess what? This is the Dark One of legend, the true boss that the Luminary must eventually face.

How To Prepare For The Final Dragon Quest XI Battle

Dragon Quest XI Havens Above

Return to Havens Above and visit the Watchers. Look for those with the pink speech bubbles because they will instruct the Luminary on where to go and what to do. The first mission the Watchers will give to the Luminary is to find three Yggdrasil seedlings and touch them. The first seedling is outside Angri-La, and the other two are at the Zwaardrust and Laguna di Gondolia whale stations. Each seedling tells the story of the first Luminary, Erdwin, and his companions and what really happened on the fateful day that they fought the Dark One. The seedlings also reveal the true nature of Erdwin's Lantern.

Keep visiting the Watchers at Havens Above. They will continue to instruct the Luminary. Follow their instructions until Cetacea has what she needs to access Erdwin’s Lantern. But note that the Luminary will need to level up quite a bit before being prepared for that fight.

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