What To Expect From The Dragon Prince Season 3

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Netflix's The Dragon Prince season 2 is out now, but what can fans expect from a potential season 3 of this animated high fantasy TV show? The streaming service has been building up its library of animated content in recent years, with hits like Voltron: Legendary Defender, Trollhunters and She-Ra and the Princesses of PowerThe Dragon Prince debuted on Netflix in September 2018 and quickly won over fans of both Voltron and Avatar: The Last Airbender, which makes sense since it was created by AtLA writer Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond (Uncharted 3).

The Dragon Prince season 1 introduced viewers to the land of Xadia, which was split in half long ago, with the magical elves and dragons living to the east, and the Human Kingdoms ruling the land to the west of a border of fire and lava. The series follows two young human princes, Callum and Ezran, who team up with Moonshadow elf Rayla in an effort to return the dragon prince back to his mother and prevent a war. Season 1 ended with the dragon prince's egg hatching, and Azymondias - Zym for short - emerging.

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The Dragon Prince season 2, now available on Netflix, sees Callum, Rayla, Ezran, Zym and their trusty glow toad Bait continue on their journey to Xadia. However, the group is being pursued by Soren and Claudia, while their father, Lord Viren, seeks to unite the five Human Kingdoms against the magical forces of Xadia. Now, for fans wondering what will be next for their favorite characters after season 2, here's what to expect from a potential The Dragon Prince season 3.

Netflix Hasn't Renewed The Dragon Prince For Season 3 (Yet)

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The Dragon Prince hasn't been renewed for season 3 just yet, but a decision from Netflix should arrive by mid March. The streaming service typically takes about a month (give or take a week) to decide on TV renewals. As such, news should arrive by the middle of March unless Netflix and the creators of The Dragon Prince want to hold the news for a fan convention - season 2 was announced New York Comic Con 2018.

When Will The Dragon Prince Season 3 Release?

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The Dragon Prince season 2 premiered five months after its initial season debuted on Netflix, so perhaps the earliest season 3 could arrive is July. But that's only if Netflix and the creators of The Dragon Prince follow the same pattern, which they may not. Netflix may shift The Dragon Prince's return date depending on its own slate of originals. Still, Netflix tends to release seasons of its animated shows biannually, so The Dragon Prince season 3 will likely arrive later this year if it's given the go-ahead.

What Will The Dragon Prince Season 3's Story Be About?

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MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for The Dragon Prince season 2 finale

After The Dragon Prince season 2 finale, the main story of the series becomes slightly different. While Callum and Rayla continue on to Xadia in an effort to return Zym to his mother, young King Ezran is headed back to the castle of Katolis in order to take the throne. This sees the main group split up, but with Claudia and Soren also heading back to Katolis, many of the main characters will likely converge at the castle in season 3.

As for Callum and Rayla, at the very end of the season 2 finale, they run across Sol Regen, a dragon that Rayla seems to think will be a problem for their mission. No doubt, the dragons hold as much contempt for humans as humans do for elves, so Sol Regen may be dangerous to Callum. However, whatever comes next for the prince, he'll likely journey farther along his path to become a mage. After having connected to the Sky Arcanum, he may pursue a connection to the other primal arcanums, which may bring him to Aaravos. Remember, Callum still holds the Key of Aaravos.

As for Aaravos and Viren's alliance, the other Human Kingdoms will no doubt be dealing with the fallout from the spell that sent shadow elf assassins to each kingdom. But with Viren in custody and Ezran poised to take the throne, Ezran may need to deal with the chaos Viren caused by himself - though perhaps Queen Aanya can help him navigate life as a young ruler. Further, there's still Amaya's ongoing conflict with Sunfire Elves at the border to Xadia to remember. All that's to say, season 3 has a lot of storylines to continue, but fans will have to wait and see exactly what the creators have in store.

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The Dragon Prince seasons 1 and 2 are currently available to stream on Netflix.

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