Dragon Ball Z: 15 Super Powers You Never Knew Vegeta Had

Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans, is one of the most celebrated characters in Dragon Ball history. Initially a series villain, he makes the turn to good and joins the Z-Fighters. Even when he makes the heel-face turn, however, one thing remains the same: Vegeta is on a never-ending quest to surpass Goku (or as he prefers to call him, Kakarot).

Considering the fact that the two Saiyans grew up on different planets and had different martial arts training, these fighters pack completely different move sets from one another.

Rather than using the Kamehameha, Vegeta brings his own powers to the table with moves like Final Flash, Galick Gun, and the Big Bang Attack.

However, there are some lesser-known abilities in Vegeta's arsenal. There are some powers Vegeta uses sparling, in rare conditions, or even solely in a specific version of the Dragon Ball series.

Here are the 15 Super Powers You Never Knew Vegeta of Dragon Ball Z Had.

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15 Super Saiyan God

While we've seen Vegeta transform into Super Saiyan Blue plenty of times in Dragon Ball Super, we've yet to see him use the stepping stone to the form. Goku displays the red-haired transformation, Super Saiyan God in his fight against Beerus during the Battle of the Gods movie and TV series.

In the anime we are yet to see Vegeta use the red form, however, things go a little differently in the manga. In chapter 22, Vegeta demonstrates that he can indeed use Super Saiyan God in his battle against Goku Black.

Goku Black mocks Vegeta calling it a lesser transformation, but Vegeta is cocky enough to use it in the battle as it is a less stamina draining form than Super Saiyan Blue. In fact, Vegeta switches between red and blue during the fight, a technique Goku would later use in the "Tournament of Power" arc.

14 Energy Rings

Majin Vegeta tells Goku about his pride in Dragon Ball Z

A rare attack that only appears in the anime. During the Majin Buu Saga, Vegeta allows himself to be possessed by the evil wizard Babidi, giving him a "Majin" power up. This was in order for the Saiyan Prince to finally be on par with his eternal rival Goku. Majin Vegeta displays several powers that are exclusive to the form

. One of the subtle, yet impressive moves is the ability to summon golden rings capable of binding an opponent. In an episode appropriately titled "The Long Awaited Fight", Vegeta aggressively uses them against Goku to bind him to the side of a rock formation.

In an incredibly satisfying moment, Goku breaks free but finds the large chunks of rock still attached to his arm via the golden rings. He uses this to his advantage and smacks Vegeta with each piece, shattering them over his opponent's spiky head. It was more than Vegeta's pride that hurt that day.

13 Hellzone Grenade

The Hellzone Grenade attack is a devastating move that lives up to its explosive name. It is commonly associated with Piccolo rather than Vegeta as the Namkeian uses it far more often.

The move fills the area with several balls of ki that float in place before they rush the opponent one after the other. This is less a move about accuracy and more about overwhelming the opponent's senses.

Vegeta uses his own version of the attack while battling Frieza on Namek. It's almost as if he knows he's on the planet that Piccolo's people come from and is giving him a little shout-out when he uses the Hellzone Grenade against Frieza.

Unfortunately, Vegeta's imitation falls flat as Frieza manages to dodge every blast.

12 Afterimage Technique

The Afterimage Technique is one of the oldest moves in Dragon Ball history. How old is it? So old that Master Roshi has been showing it off before Dragon Ball had Z's, GT's, and Supers added to its title.

It was during the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament under his "Jackie Chun" guise, that Master Roshi demonstrates the technique that requires great speed and skill. A young Goku learns and uses the ability to great effect, even surpassing Master Roshi.

If an oldtimer like Roshi can do it, it should be no surprise that Vegeta can pull it off too. In Dragon Ball GT  the prince uses the Afterimage Technique in conjunction with Goku to distract the evil Omega Shenron in order to buy time for the Fusion Dance to bring about the ultimate warrior Gogeta.

11 Forever Young

Bulma and Vegeta in Dragon Ball

Towards the end of the Dragon Ball Z series, there is a time gap between the defeat of Buu and the actual conclusion of the series. In episode #289 "Granddaughter Pan", there is an amusing exchange between Goku, Bulma, and Vegeta when they reunite after 5 years of not seeing one another.

Goku comments on how it must have been a while since Bulma looks so old. A furious Bulma points out that she doesn't have the good fortune of being a Saiyan.

Vegeta explains why this is: "We Saiyans evolved as a warrior race, we retain our youthfulness so we can fight longer." On top of super strength, speed, and durability, Sayians are blessed to be fighters in their prime far longer than their human counterparts.

Poor Bulma might want to try the Paradise Grass that Master Roshi uses to stay relatively young.

10 Controls The Beast Within

Before all their glowing-hair power-ups, the Saiyans displayed another kind of transformation. The Great Aper form s is another old-school ability as Goku has been using it (not deliberately) since the Dragon Ball era.

When Saiyans gaze upon the full moon, they transform into the large, powerful Great Ape forms also known as Oozaru. Whenever we see young Goku or young Gohan enter this form they become raging, out of control, kaiju.

Vegeta, however, is special. He is the only Saiyan within the main-series shown to be in full control of the Great Ape form. His personality remains intact and he is even capable of conversation. In fact, he would have bested Goku in this form if it weren't for the sneaky Yajirobe cutting off Vegeta's tail.

9 Double Galick Gun

Vegeta Galick Gun

Galick Gun is one of Vegeta's trademark moves. However, why bring one gun to the fight when you can bring two? In a fashion that would make John Woo proud, Vegeta decides to go "Guns Akimbo" in his fight against Babadi's henchman Pui Pui.

Pui Pui thinks he has the advantage in the fight since Babadi teleports them to his home planet Zoon which has stronger gravity than Earth.

Little too late does Pui Pui realize that the increase in gravity is nothing to the Saiyan Prince who trains under 450 times gravity on a regular basis. For Pui Pui's troubles, Vegeta delivers a double handed Galick Cannon adding the alien to the Saiyan's hefty kill count.

8 Can Shoot Energy From His Mouth

Dragon Ball fans have grown accustomed to seeing the more monstrous and/or brutish characters of the series shoot beams from their mouths.

Both Picollos, Recoome, Nappa, and Semi-Imperfect Cell are just a few of the characters capable of opening their mouths and releasing the power from within. The more average-sized and human characters appear to be, the less likely they seem to shoot ki from their mouths.

In his normal state, Vegeta cannot do this either, that changes when he goes Oozaru. When Vegeta is in his Great Ape form, he is capable of firing beams from his frightening maw, making him the ultimate combination of King Kong and Godzilla. It is truly for the best of humanity that Yajirobi managed to slice that tail off when he did...

7 Can Shoot Energy From His Chest

It's been established that people can shoot beams from odd parts of their body in the Dragon Ball universe. The mouth, the eyes, heck, Goku even did a Kamehameha from his feet while fighting Piccolo Jr. in a tournament. However, how about that one time Vegeta charged up from his chest area like he was Iron Man?

During the Saiyan Saga, Nappa was down for the count after getting beaten by Goku in an incredibly one-sided battle. With nowhere to turn, Nappa reaches for assistance to his royal boss, Vegeta. Being a proper prince, Vegeta is all too quick to oblige.

He helps Nappa up-- way up in fact when he tosses him high into the air and charges up energy from his chest and unleashes the powerful attack Galaxy Breaker. Nappa goes the way of his hair and disappears completely.

6 Heat Dome Attack

This move is a case of "like father, like son." Heat Dome Attack is a move typically associated with Future Trunks.

The attack has all the flair of a wrestling move, with Trunks throwing his opponent up into the air and then charging a large dome of ki energy, surrounding himself. He concludes with a blasting Finish Buster, leaving the opponent in a state they'd be lucky to walk away from.

It wasn't for some time until Vegeta displays that he can do the attack too. Of all people he demonstrates it against--well not a "person" per se-- but the God of Destruction himself, Beerus.

The move only occurs in the manga version as an enraged Vegeta pulls off the attack against Beerus, but the God of Destruction remains unscathed. Maybe a little more heat next time Vegeta.

5 Energy Shield

Goku Generates Energy Shield in Dragon Ball

Typically speaking, energy is used to blast the hell out of anything in sight within the world of Dragon Ball. It does have its other uses even though they are rarely utilized. Some characters have been shown to make protective shields like a defensive Green Lantern, in moments of crisis.

In the DBZ movie "Wrath of the Dragon" Vegeta finds himself in a tense battle against a behemoth that makes Godzilla look friendly. Worse, they are in a populated city. The towering, ancient evil known as Hirudegarn rampages through the city, taking no prisoners.

Vegeta displays his altruistic side and attempts to save people in a building during the fight. He manages to manifest an energy shield protecting the citizens inside from Hirudegarn's wrath. He collapses with the last of his energy, playing the role of the true hero.

4 Telekinesis

Telekinesis in Dragon Ball

Another old-school mainstay of the series, many characters display telekinesis, though it is rarely talked about specifically.

Cell, Goku, and Piccolo are a few of the characters who demonstrate this and you better believe the Prince of all Saiyans is not to be left out.

Typically an anime only ability, Vegeta demonstrated telekinesis when he and Nappa land on the planet of human-sized bug-people, Arila. He uses telekinesis to fling large rocks at the planet's king, killing him-- yes, Vegeta uses giant rocks to crush a giant bug.

He again displays swift telekinesis in his Namek fight against Frieza, cleaving a rock formation in front of him. Actually, its tough to determine whether Vegeta has telekinesis, or if rocks just know on instinct to stay out of his way.

3 Dark Impact

Gogeta Dragon Ball Z fushion Goku Vegeta

Like the golden rings, Dark Impact is another attack exclusive to Majin Vegeta. It has a similar appearance to the Double Galick Gun attack and is quite devastating.

It is no long a distance move, however, as the prince must be up close and personal to perform it. He uses the move in his fight against Goku during the Majin Buu Saga by placing his hands right on his opponent's stomach and unleashing the fury.

Initially, the attack was unnamed until the video game series, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast gave it its much-deserved title. The move is like a defibrillator of death leaving high damage to the enemy. Since Vegeta has given up his evil ways for good, it is unlikely we'll be seeing this technique again anytime soon.

2 Evil Spirit Bomb

The Spirit Bomb, Goku's move of universal peace and love-- well it's as peaceful as a move labeled "bomb" can be. The user must have a pure heart to do it, and it borrows energy from the lives of the planet. However, the Spirit Bomb produced by the possessed Saiyan Prince-- Baby Vegeta is the polar opposite.

In the Dragon Ball GT series, Baby Vegeta is able to create his own version called the Revenge Death Ball. It too is gathered from lifeforms: those who have also been possessed by the Tuffle alien Baby. Rather than being pure and good, the Revenge Death Ball is made from negative energy.

Baby Vegeta attempts to use the attack against the Z-Fighter Ubb, only to be saved by Fat Buu who manages to suck in the attack before eating it.

1 Can Break The 4th Wall

We know Vegeta can charge energy from his chest like Iron Man and form protective shields like Green Lantern, but there's one more superhero who Vegeta shares a technique with: Deadpool, because they can both break the 4th wall.

In episode #69 "Goku vs Arale! The Earth Ends in a Wacky Battle!?", the Dr. Slump character Mr. Pig announces that Arale (also of Dr. Slump) will be coming to Dragon Ball Super. The feisty robot girl shows up to give Goku and Vegeta a fight they won't soon forget.

Unlike Goku, who is happy to see Arale, Vegeta actually gets what's going on, saying: "This absurd strength... she must be a gag comic character!" He even chastises her when she punches the Earth, splitting it in half, stating: "Ignoring the laws of physics with gags is against the rules!"

Vegeta is a prince who knows his place and the place of others. He's the only one who understands that characters like Arale do not belong in the universe of Dragon Ball.


Can you think of any other powers that Dragon Ball's Vegeta has? Let us know in the comments!

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