Dragon Ball Z: 9 Strongest (And 8 Completely Worthless) Characters, Ranked

The Dragon Ball franchise is the second most popular manga in the world with approximately 240 million copies sold to date, and arguably is the most watched anime ever. Created by Akira Toriyama, the first manga was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump, finding immediate success. The original Dragon Ball manga series contained 519 chapters. To simplify its distribution and reboot its popularity, it was turned into two series with Dragon Ball Z being adapted from the later 325 chapters.

Following the initial release of the anime Dragon Ball, changes were made on the production team to make the series edgier and less cute. This was the official introduction of Dragon Ball Z (DBZ). The campaign was an absolute success, which led to Dragon Ball Kai, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super.

We’ve based this compilation of rankings on DBZ characters only, which includes fusion characters. To keep things simple, the rankings are done in descending order, alternating between strongest and worthless. This would make number two on the list the most worthless character and number one the strongest.

Whether the character is goodnor evil has not played a part in the rankings presented. However, contribution to the overall story was taken into consideration.

With that said, here are the 9 Strongest (And 8 Completely Worthless) Characters Of Dragon Ball Z, Ranked.

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Future Trunks DBZ
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17 Strongest: Future Trunks

Future Trunks DBZ

Future Trunks (み来らいのトランクス) is the son of Vegeta and Bulma from an alternate future. He’s a hybrid of Saiyan and Earthling. Present Trunks and Future Trunks lived separate lives but existed at the same time because Present Trunks was already born by the time Future Trunks and Cell had altered the timeline.

Future Trunks grew up in an apocalyptic age. He underwent intense training from Future Gohan and was said by Future Bulma to be equal in strength to Future Gohan. His first appearance has him overpowering Mecha Frieza and King Cold in his Super Saiyan form.

He would continue training with Vegeta in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to achieve 2nd Grade Super Saiyan and become even stronger from training and the mentorship from Shin.

16 Worthless: Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi Mad at Goku

Chi-Chi (チチ) is the mother of Gohan and Goten and the wife of Goku. Before the haters start swinging the Z-Sword around, she’s on this list as a worthless fighter, not as a worthless mother and wife — although Chi-Chi certainly wins the nagging award. Chi-Chi is also on this list for referring to Super Saiyan as delinquents and for occupying so much space during filler episodes.

Despite Goku being one of the most powerful fighters, she has a negative type of control over him. In terms of power ratings, Chi-Chi’s power level during the 23rd World Martial Tournament was 130.

Most of Chi-Chi’s character is structured to provide humor in the series. This can be seen through her techniques such as Broom Brustle, That Won’t Work, and Stay Away From Me.

15 Strongest: Cell

Perfect Cell in Dragon Ball Z

Created by Dr. Gero in the future, Cell (セル) has abilities from the greatest fighters that have either lived on or visited Earth. Some of the fighters whose cells are contained in him include Vegeta, Frieza, Goku, Piccolo, and King Cold. Cell can absorb the biological mass of his victims through his tail. Depending on his victim’s power levels, this allows him to increase his own powers.

Cell has several forms. These include an Imperfect form, Semi-Perfect form, Perfect form, and Super Perfect form. One of his weaknesses is that, when he powers up to his maximum, he is extremely slow. His power level in Perfect form is listed as 900,000,000 in the video game, but can reach a total of 1,079,956,055 through a special mission.

14 Worthless: Cui

Cui on Namek preparing to fight Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z

Cui (キュイ) is supposed to be an elite soldier in the Frieza Force. He’s arrogant, cocky, and often underestimates his opponents in battle. Cui is also a huge coward, typically fleeing when he comes across someone stronger than him.

In his battle with Vegeta, Cui assumes they have the same power levels. During the fight, Cui attempts to trick Vegeta into thinking Frieza is behind him. Cui then launches his attack of powerful blasts, thinking he has won the battle. To his surprise, Vegeta appears behind him, causing Cui to flee. Vegeta pursues him, striking a blow that cracks his armor and then blasting him into dust.

Cui would later escape hell, but be killed off once again-- this time by the Z Fighters.

13 Strongest: Golden Frieza

Golden Frieza vs Super Saiyan God SS Goku Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F

Through Freiza’s obsession with defeating Goku, Golden Frieza (ゴールデンフリーザ) is the Ultimate Evolution of his race. Since Frieza was a prodigy, he never trained. However, through his desire to finally beat Goku, he trained for the first time in his life, thus creating Golden Frieza.

Golden Frieza wasn’t one to be messed with. He was more powerful than both Goku and Vegeta separately in their Super Saiyan Blue forms. The only problem with Frieza’s new form was that he burned through too much power while using it.

This often caused him to retreat instead of dominate the battlefield. If he had spent more time harnessing the power before picking fights (as Goku states), then Golden Frieza might have had the potential to be one of the most powerful DBZ characters.

12 Worthless: Oolong

Oolong Wish Panties Shenron

Originally a protagonist in the Dragon Ball manga, Oolong (ウーロン) is an anthropomorphic, shape-shifting pig. His character brings about more comic relief than actual power, along with moments of complete stupidity. One such stupid act would be when he attempts= to kill Vegeta and Nappa using the Dragon Balls instead of reviving Goku.

To put things into perspective, Oolong might have the shortest battle in the history of DBZ against Goku. He transforms into a robot and threatens to eat Goku like a dumpling, but ends up running for his life after Goku breaks three bricks with his finger.

It’s also important to note that Oolong was expelled from the Shapeshifting Academy because he stole a pair of his teacher’s underwear.

11 Strongest: Super Buu

Gotenks fights Super Buu in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber during Dragon Ball Z

Regarded as one of the strongest villains in Dragon Ball Z, Super Buu (超ブウ) came to be when Evil Buu ate Good Buu while in a chocolate form. He has the power to rip through dimensional walls when he’s raging angry and he absorbs and eats other fighters to gain power and intelligence.

At one point he turned Chi-Chi into an egg and crushed her. He also turned Oolong, Puar, Mr. Popo, Bulma, and several others into chocolate and ate them. After absorbing Gohan, he became one of the most powerful villains in DBZ.

Goku and Vegeta were able to return him to his original form, however, by cutting Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, and Gohan out of Super Buu’s people pods. Vegeta then defeated Super Buu, causing him to turn into Kid Buu.

10 Worthless: Maron

Krillin's ex Maron, and Krillin with his daughter Marron

Famously known as Krillin’s ex-girlfriend, Maron (マロン) is a ditsy airhead who looks very similar to Bulma. She’s also a spoiled brat who uses her looks to get whatever she wants. Maron liked to flirt with other guys while dating Krillin and often has no clue about what is going on around her.

Maron disappears after Krillin broke up with her, apparently smitten with her new boy toy who drives a sports car. She would return during the Android Saga, though, claiming that Krillin was her soul mate.

After getting caught up on the current events, Maron takes absolutely no action. Instead, she asks the proud about who will protect her, to which she gets laughed at. She gets bored eventually and ends up leaving, never to be seen again.

9 Strongest: Goku

Featured Goku Vs Majin Vegeta Punch

Son Goku (そん悟ご空くう) is and will always be one of the main characters-- if not the face-- of Dragon Ball. Originally sent to Earth to destroy the planet, his memories get altered through an accident and he becomes Earths greatest defender.

There are often massive amounts of debates regarding who is more powerful, Goku or Vegeta. For a short time Vegeta was, but then Goku surpassed him after training in the hyperbolic time chamber. At Super Saiyan 4, they are equal in power.

Ironically, Goku is not his original name. His Saiyan birth name is Kakarot while all of his Saiyan family members also have names based on root vegetables. Maybe being named after a vegetable is why Goku loves food so much.

8 Worthless: Yajirobe

Yajirobe smiling in Dragon Ball

Yajirobe (ヤジロベー) is a samurai without a master who spends most of his time with Korin. His main job comprises running Senzu Beans to the Z Fighters.

However, Yajirobe spends a majority of his time eating instead of training. He’s also known for being a coward and hiding during a fight. If that isn't enough, Yajirobe is extremely lazy. Despite his larger size, however, he has the ability to move fast. He even carried Goku on his back when he climbed the Korin Tower in one day.

His character makes the worthless list because he could’ve become so much more than what he turned out to be. Skilled with a sword and strong, Yajirobe lets his laziness consume him, earning him the bad spot on this list.

7 Strongest: Gogeta

Featured Gogeta Blast

Gogeta (ゴジータ) is the fusion Goku and Vegeta upon properly performing the Fusion Dance. If the dance is not performed in a perfect manner, a much weaker fusion warrior named Veku appears instead of Super Gogeta.

Gogeta came to be when Goku could not defeat Janemba, even with Vegeta’s help. Goku’s solution was to teach Vegeta the Fusion Dance. Super Gogeta is extremely fast and was able to defeat Janemba with a Stardust Breaker.

A 2004 V-Jump states that Super Gogeta's power level is about 2,500,000,000. Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is also said to be dozens of times stronger than a regular Super Saiyan 4. It’s also recorded in the second Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files that Gogeta was able to defeat Omega Shenron with one finger.

6 Worthless: Puar

Puar, Yamcha's best friend, in Dragon Ball Z

As a lifelong friend of Yamcha, Puar (プーアル) serves no real purpose in the DBZ storyline. She is a shape-shifting animal that is not a fighter. Mostly used as filler, Puar is voiced by a female and is called a "she" multiple times, but was considered a male by Toriyama while writing the manga.

The only character Puar is known for defeating is Fangs the Vampire by shape-shifting into a hand and swatting him. Puar also graduated from the Shapeshifting Academy, unlike Oolong.

Puar had embarrassing portrayals in the Korean live action adaptation of Dragon Ball where s/he was shown as a stuffed toy. Puar mostly adds comic relief to the series while s/he cheers the fighters on during tournaments. Most likely, Puar was created as a merchandizing concept for young kids.

5 Strongest: Beerus

The God of Destruction Beerus (ビルス) is one of the laziest and strongest characters in the Dragon Ball Universe. Known for being able to sleep for decades at a time and destroying planets with the tap of his finger, Beerus isn’t a character you want to anger. Despite being the God of Destruction, Beerus isn’t necessarily evil by nature.

However, Beerus did destroy King Kai’s planet because he beat Beerus while playing a car racing video game. However, Beerus also helped to save Earth, which technically contradicts his responsibilities as God of Destruction.

Beerus is normally seen with his attendant Whis, who kind of watches over him. The only character who Beerus is actually afraid of is Zen-Oh.

4 Worthless: Android 19

Goku v Android 19 Dragon Ball Z

Android 19 (人造人間19号) is the nineteenth creation by Dr. Gero. The only purpose Android 19 had in the DBZ storyline was to show the group the heart virus that Future Trunks had told Goku about. It would be during Goku's fight with Android 19 that it would show up-- like Android 19 could beat Goku, anyway.

Vegeta shows up to save the day, taking Android 19 on by himself with ease. First, he rips off Android 19s arms and then hits him with a Big Bang Attack, decapitating his head in the process. When Future Trunks shows up, he doesn’t recognize Android 19, making him different from the ones in his timeline.

Android 19 was a joke. The only thing he did in the story was get his butt kicked by Vegeta.

3 Strongest: Whis

Despite being Beerus’ attendant, Whis (ウイス) is significantly stronger. Because he is an attendant, he’ll never leave Beerus’ side (while he’s awake anyway). Mentally, Whis is a very dangerous character because he’s indifferent when it comes to lives lost or saved. He can also fight Beerus without Beerus being able to lay a finger on him.

Whis controls when and how often Beerus can sleep. He’s even karate chopped Beerus to keep him from destroying planets-- this is most often because of food.

Whis played an important role in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F when he shields Beerus, Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, and others from the blast that destroys Earth. He then uses his Temporal Do-Over to reverse Earth’s destruction per Beerus’ request-- because he loves Earth’s food.

2 Worthless: Yamu

Yamu (ヤムー) is introduced as a fighter in the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament. He was there as Spopovich's partner and under the control of Babidi, an evil wizard. Prior to having his brain taken over by Babidi, Yamu was just a simple Earthling. However, the only thing Yamu has going for him is an increased muscle mass.

After completing their mission in sucking the energy out of Super Saiyan 2 Gohan, and returning to their mast Babidi, Mr. evil wizard decides that he doesn’t need Spopovich anymore and kills him. Yamu witnesses this and tries to escape, only to be killed by Pui Pui with a Nice Shot attack.

Yamu was just a pawn and had no purpose. Any of the other characters could have accomplished what he and Spopovich did. They each had no real use and are therefore considered the most worthless of all the Dragon Ball Z characters.

1 Strongest: Vegito

Vegito Final Kamehameha

Vegito (ベジット), also known as Vegerot in the English manga, is the most powerful character in the Dragon Ball manga. Vegito is formed through Potara Earring Fusion, which is considered by Old Kai as the only way to properly execute a fusion. While the fusion will last forever with a Supreme Kai, it lasts only an hour with mortal beings.

Ironically, the Potara Earrings that were given to Goku were meant for him and Gohan. However, in the battle with Super Buu, Gohan failed to catch them when Goku threw them to him. In an act of desperation, Goku sensed Vegeta and persuaded him fuse with him.

Vegito can also transform into Super Saiyan Blue, calling himself Vegito Blue. In the manga he is called Blue Vegerot. The only weakness to this transformation is the abundant use of power can cause them to separate before an hour is up. Even still, Vegito is easily the strongest Dragon Ball Z character.


What do you think? Who do you think is the most strongest (and worthless) Dragon Ball Z character? Sound off in the comment section!

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