Dragon Ball Z: 15 Fan Theories That Make TOO Much Sense

Large franchises like Dragon Ball can become confusing. With over a hundred episodes, numerous characters, and canon and filler arcs, Dragon Ball has been a success for years.

Accepted canon is occasionally replaced with new ideas that conflict past ideas. For example, Dragon Ball Super is reshaping the Super Saiyan form and the rules behind it. Not to mention, Goku's new motivation is to fight stronger warriors-- forget about saving the world the umpteenth time.

Part of a being a fan of Dragon Ball Z involves learning about the hilarious but fascinating theories that surround the show. So it's no surprise that fans, old and new alike, often propose theories that actually make sense within the Dragon Ball universe.

Though some fan theories are truly crazy-- Bulma’s mom is an android and Gohan is Yamcha’s son-- there are other theories that try to answer some of the mysteries in the series. If the series doesn't address its unanswered questions, then the fans often attempt to fill up plot holes with their own ideas.

It's time to take a look at some such theories that, despite sounding crazy, actually make sense and improve the series.

With that said, here are the 15 Dragon Ball Z Fan Theories That Make TOO Much Sense!

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Fusion Dance Goten Trunks Dragon Ball Z
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15 Half Saiyans Are More Powerful Than Regular Saiyans

Fusion Dance Goten Trunks Dragon Ball Z

The theory that Goten and Gohan could master moves because they're half Saiyans has been floating around for a while. While Gohan began training at a young age compared to Goku, Goten instinctively activated Super Saiyan when he fought his mother.

Kid Trunks also demonstrated this when they were training to defeat Super Buu. The fan theory explains that half-Saiyans are able to do this because of their half-human emotions. Their human side makes them more susceptible to anger and distress.

In Dragon Ball Z, Goku realized that Gohan was far more powerful than him and that Gohan would likely surpass him. Heck, the series story arc is about Gohan surpassing his father’s milestones and becoming the most powerful warrior while Goku is absent.

Without their tails, Goku and Gohan have stronger genetic makeup and can master moves at an alarming rate. With Kamehameha, Super Saiyan, and Golden discs, the half-Saiyans easily surpass young Goku.

The manga later acknowledged that half-Saiyans are more powerful because of their half-human blood, which confirmed the fan theory.

14 Krillin Is Actually The Strongest Character In The Series

Krillin using his Destructo Disk attack in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'

This is another fan theory that has lingered in the fandom community for a while. It believes that Krillin is the strongest human warrior on Earth. Bless Master Roshi and his longevity, but not even Dragon Ball Z’s resident creeper could beat Krillin.

Though Goku could immediately beat Krillin, hypothetically, if both Krillin and Goku were human, then Krillin would be number one. His Destructo Disk terrified Vegeta and would have sliced Nappa if he hadn't dodge the attack in time. He also defeated a Saibaman-- Yamcha couldn’t even defeat one.

To add onto this theory, Krillin’s limitations as a human makes him the better fighter. Every time he’s at a disadvantage, Krillin tries to figure out a way to defeat his opponent. Unlike a Saiyan warrior’s tenacity and Ki levels, Krillin built himself from the ground up in order to be on equal grounds with fellow teammates. Thus, by default, Krillin is the strongest warrior on Earth.

13 Jiren Is Buddha

Jiren is one of the fresh few faces in Dragon Ball Super. He managed to impress us with his power, as he's powerful enough to stop even Goku. He blocked Goku’s Kamehameha blast with ease and didn’t even use half of his strength during his fight with Goku. Toppo observed that Goku in Super Saiyan Blue was not enough to surpass Jiren.

How can this be? Well, fans speculate that Jiren is actually Buddha and that his Ultimate Instinct relates to the path of Buddha. Reddit user Hydrox2016 pointed out that Jiren’s source of power is in his eyes.

In Buddhism, the third eye is the ultimate form of enlightenment. One’s eye is powerful enough to create mind worlds. Reddit user BetterGoHam further explained that Jiren’s origin proposed that his ultimate instinct is based on meditations. With this in mind, Goku could only obtain true power if he cleared his mind.

Goku is based on SunWukong, so it’s no coincidence that Goku couldn’t defeat Jiren in one try. Buddha imprisoned WuKong with his palms and forced him to live on Earth for his crimes. Third eye, meditations, and name origin point to Jiren likely being inspired by Buddha.

12 Earth Would Have Been Conquered Were it Not For Goku

While there were many fans who speculate that the world wouldn’t be constantly invaded by aliens if it weren't for Goku, there are other fans who believe that the world would have already been conquered-- or destroyed-- were it not for Goku.

A world without Goku would indeed mean that Goku’s brother wouldn’t have come after Goku. The Super Saiyans would have never invaded Earth, Dr. Gero would have never gone on his revenge spree, and Frieza... well, things would have been better.

This argument can be applied to other characters-- if Batman and Superman weren’t around then Gotham and Metropolis wouldn’t have megalomaniacs running the streets. However, one might assume that other villains would come out of hiding and the world would be a darker place.

A world without Goku means a mass Red Ribbon Army invasion, Piccolo’s invasion, and the possibility of invasion by other Saiyans. Aside from Dragon Ball Super, Goku has always been fighting to protect the world from outsiders. He lures in powerful antagonists, but most of the villains eventually go on to fight by Goku’s side by the end of the story arc.

11 How Goten Was Born (Team Four Star Theory)

Made by Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Team Four Star put a new spin on how Goten was born. The series stated that Goten was born nine months after the Cell Games, which puts the timeline on a very specific route.

However, fans tried to figure out when Goku and Chi-Chi were actually alone while Gohan was away. Some fans even speculated that Goku and Chi-Chi did it when Goku was a Super Saiyan.

Team Four Star did a recut of Goku and Gohan's return from training where they are making a fuss in the kitchen. In the real reel, Goku and Krillin planned to catch a couple of fish while Gohan was ordered to study.

Team Four Star took this a step further and showed Chi-Chi angry that Goku had turned Gohan into a Super Saiyan after a year of training. In Abridged, Goku had the audacity to demand a Super Saiyan birthday cake. Instead of bashing Goku, Chi-Chi got her revenge by sleeping with Goku, which was probably when Goten was conceived.

10 Saiyans And Humans Are Distantly Related

Chi Chi and Goku Wedding in Dragon Ball

One fan proposed that Saiyans and humans are distantly related-- their DNA is likely very similar, which would explain why Gohan and Goten were conceived without any issues. The Saiyans are extraterrestrials from another planet who live for battle. In fact, their entire purpose is to fight against other races and conquer planets.

They may be aliens but Saiyans and humans suspiciously look a lot alike. For example, the height of a Saiyan is about the same as that of a human. Additionally, they can transform into their ape form-- humans are distant-relatives of apes. Monkey and human DNA are also pretty similar, and Son Goku is based on the Monkey King.

Strange enough, Gohan and Goten don’t have tails, as they are both half-humanss. Many fans theorize that humans and Saiyans are able to interbreed. If this is done, half-Saiyans, lose their Saiyan taile, but in exchange, are able to evolve and become stronger.

9 Dr. Gero Hid Android 16's Data From Cell

Android 16 Dragon Ball Z

When Perfect Cell claimed that he didn't recognize Android 16 in his data file, it brought along a few questions, as well as a glaring plot hole. Cell contained information of all the other androids. Dr. Gero gave all of his knowledge to Cell.

Furthermore, Future Trunks didn't recognize Android 16 in his timeline. Android 16's questionable existence caused a couple of theories to arise, one being that he's from the future.

One strong case for this theory involves a data file that was hid by Dr. Gero  to protect his son. Android 16 was a side project that he was working on. Akira Toriyama mentioned in an interview that Dr. Gero lost his son who was a former Red Ribbon soldier. Android 16 was supposed to look like him.

Dr. Gero couldn't bear to see his son fall twice in battle and thus gave him a gentle soul. However, Dr. Gero never activated 16, and it was only 17 and 18 who activated 16. It's likely that 16 existed in all timelines, but 16's construction was a secret. In the future, Dr. Gero might have hid him outside of the lab or he may have remained incomplete at the time.

8 Super Mario Universe Exist Within DBZ Universe

This fan theory may seem crazy, but in a strange way, it makes a lot of sense. Think about it: both Dragon Ball and Super Mario take place in the same world. The flora and fauna are similar, from the flying fish to mushroom forests. Could this be mere coincidence?

The princess in the original Dragon Ball series is trapped in a fiery castle ruled by the Ox-King, and Goku (Mario) goes out of his way to rescue Chi-Chi (Princess Peach). In addition, kamehameha are actually fireballs to Mario and the first boss that Mario had to defeat was a Giant Ape (Donkey Kong).

This isn’t the first time that a fan tied an retro game with Dragon Ball and claimed that the two took place within the same universe because of their many similarities. Sonic the Hedgehog appeared before the Dragon Ball series, and a few fans speculate that Akira Toriyama took a few ideas from the Hedgehog universe. Some argue that Goku has spikey hair which mimic's Sonic's.

7 There Are Many Alternates

When Dragon Ball Z introduced Future Trunks, a few fans questioned whether Future Trunks inadvertently created alternate worlds because of his actions. Reddit user Scarlet-begonias619 posited that, despite Trunks interference with the timeline, the main timeline would have been different from Future Trunks’ time period even if he went back in time.

It all starts with Dr. Gero, Android 17, and 18. When Future Trunks appears, he informs Goku and the team that two androids will destroy the world in three years. During this trip, he doesn’t mention that Dr. Gero turned himself into an android or that Gero used 17 and 18 as a last resort knowing full well that he, as Android 20, is able to defeat Goku.

If Goku and Vegeta defeated Dr. Gero on the spot, Android 17 and 18 would have still remained in their respective capsules. Goku would have died from his heart condition, but the Z fighters would have been okay.

The fan theory is based on a plot hole that Dragon Ball Z forgotten to patch up.

6 Majin Buu’s Character Concept Is Japan’s View Of The USA

Majin Buu eats Dabura in Dragon Ball Z

Majin Buu consumes fast food, used to be good friends with Goku before he turned against them because of conflict, and has a tendency to bully others in battle. He turns people into junk food for consumption, thus allowing him to steal their powers. Some fans have drawn the dots and believe that Buu is meant to represent the USA. To be fair, Aki Toriyama designed Majin similar to editor Fuyuta Takeda.

This fan theory is years old, and given the fact that the series aired in the '90s, it’s a wild speculation. However, it is intriguing given Japan’s complex relationship with the USA. Japan’s surrender in WWII prompted the USA to issue the ANPO act, which allowed the USA to intervene in Japan’s affairs when needed.

Majin Buu did destroy a city, which exploded with a mushroom cloud on the horizon. Japan hasn’t forgotten the USA’s presence.

5 Saiyans Can Mimic Moves After They See Or Experience Them

Although this is an accepted canon theory, mimicry is never actually explicitly stated, and it is vastly unknown how Saiyans are able to learn things by copying them.

Saiyans are far more powerful than the average human being, and are thus able to to enhance their powers further through Super Saiyan mode. This, of course, explains their large amount of stamina and power level. One theory suggests that Saiyans are able to mimic other people's moves after they see them or experience them once.

Goku mastered Krillin’s signature Destructo Disc without any difficulty. He even managed to create his own custom Destructor Sisc. Kamehameha is taught by Master Roshi, and it later becomes Goku’s signature attack.

In the manga Goku mastered Destruction from Beerus. Destruction is a powerful attack that obliterates everything within range. Those who are engulfed in the blast have their souls disintegrated.

4 Perfect Cell Can Asexually Reproduce Because Of Android 17 And 18

It was bad enough that Perfect Cell absorbed Android 17 and 18, but with his newfound powers, Perfect Cell managed to reproduced Cell Juniors asexually. It’s easy to say that, since he is a cell, he can reproduce at an alarming rate-- like regular human cells-- but one theory suggests that there’s a lot more to it.

Since Android 17 and 18 were absorbed, their reproductive organs may be inside Perfect Cell, which would mean that the mini Cell Juniors are technically reproduced thanks to them. Both Androids are artificially enhanced and are humans by default.

It is no coincidence that Dr. Gero would take a pair of twins of the opposite sex with full intent of creating Perfect Cell as the fail safe-- it’s final form would attack Goku. Dr. Gero was cruel enough to kidnapped two siblings, so who’s to say that he wouldn’t go a step further with his human experiments.

3 Bulma’s Wish Triggered The Saiyan Saga

Bulma and Vegeta in Dragon Ball

Fans probably remember when Bulma went on her own adventure to recover the Dragon Balls before the and use them to wish for a boyfriend in Dragon Ball. There was a four-year time gap, and it’s likely that Bulma took the chance to find the Dragon Balls again.

After all, the wish-granting device recharges each year. Because of this, many hunters can go and find them again. It’s likely that, after seeing Goku’s happy life and breaking up with Yamcha, Bulma decided to wish for a happy life with someone.

Bulma had always wished for a boyfriend, but this was never officially canon. What If Bulma actually made this wish in front of Shenron and he granted it? Thus, the Saiyan Saga was born.

This theory would later gain a lot of traction. Since there’s a four year time gap, there’s a good chance that Bulma obtained the other Dragon Balls and asked Goku if she could borrow the Dragon Ball to make a wish once she was allowed to make a wish again.

2 What Goku Meant By “Breaking His Limit” (Dragon Ball Super)

Goku Ultra Instinct

This is a recent fan theory that emerged from Dragon Ball Super. The premise of the new series showcases the Saiyans in the tournament of power, but also focuses on another subject: Goku’s Ultimate form.

By now, Vegeta and Goku both realize that they have trained as much as they can, and that extra training would no longer help them. So, instead, they focuse on their new goal, which is to unleash their full power-- the Ultimate Limit Break: Godhood. Godhood ki would obliterate everyone, and it’s likely that Goku achieved it for a moment before Grand Priest stopped him from unleashing his powerful attack.

If this were the case, it would tie things perfectly together with what Goku is trying to achieve. The whole purpose of the tournament is that Goku can train his way to become more powerful.

This time, though, it isn’t about achieving full power to save the world, but for the sake of becoming stronger. Achieving Godhood would end Goku’s journey and Toriyama could move onto other characters or new stories.

1 Super Saiyan Is Super Accessible

Saiyans are shown to be powerful and thoroughly adept in mastering other powers and attacks, but one particular fan theory that’s been gaining steam is that Super Saiyans aren't very special. The official canon still follows the idea that Saiyans must undergo emotional distress in order to activate their power.

However, Kale and Caulifa were able to concentrate their ki energy on their backs in order to activate their Super Saiyan. Thus Kale and Caulifa’s Super Saiyan activation disrupt the current canon.

Instead, Super Saiyan is about focusing ki. It does open the possibility that Goku’s ultimate Super Saiyan might require full concentration and not aggression in order to unlock his full potential, which would make more sense.

As for why the Saiyans were unable to go Super Saiyan against Frieza, Saiyans by default didn't need to go Super Saiyan-- most of their conquests didn’t require them to bleach their hair, thus this type of power was lost in translation and obscured as legend. It would explain how Super Saiyan became a lost art, but was easy to obtain after the Saiyans learn the science.


Can you think of any other Dragon Ball Z crazy fan theories that make sense? Let us know in the comment section!

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